Rebekkah Marek is a simple girl with a dangerous job.

She is a criminal detective, working with her partner, Amon Kauri, for the government. But they aren't your ordinary cop-show partners. Their special task force is dedicated to handling cases regarding the use of magic, which means they almost never get to use ''the easy way''. Together, they unearth some of the strangest and most bizarre criminal mysteries ever known to humanity.

But this crime-solving duo isn't the charitable type, and there are far darker intentions behind their career aspirations than meets the eye...

Give the people magic, and you better be prepared to manage the chaos that ensues.


A crime procedural, taking place in the science fantasy universe of the Crystalline Melodies pentalogy. It is an alternate timeline, taking place directly after book 2, and going on as if books 3-5 never happen.


2. || Season 1: The Elsewhere ||

We all dream of traveling across the world in the space of a single heartbeat.

With recent scientific advances, this is now possible: we have finally invented Teleportation.

But we never once stopped to imagine the cost.



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