She's The Alpha Queen

As the fairy tale that it is, it shall start just like one…

Once upon a time, a beautiful baby was born. She was the daughter of the most powerful and respected Alpha there was on the country. There was a prophecy of this baby, apart from being the heir of the pack; she was also the one wolf that would united two packs, to create a kingdom, to be just like before. She was going to become the Queen of all werewolves, and her mate, was going to be the King. They knew that she was the one, because of the mark on her left shoulder, a small red wolf paw, it looked like a mole, but everyone in the werewolf world knew what it meant (...)


4. Chapter Three.


She's The Alpha Queen 

Chapter Two



Theo rested his head on the car seat before turning it off. He was going back to school after his trip, which had failed epically as he hadn’t figured out whom his mate was. He knew that him coming without a mate meant that some females will be trying to seduce him once again, and he just didn’t want to have to suffer from that.


Where are you? Theo spoke towards Killan.


Parking right next to you, chill man. Killan replied with a chuckle.


Theo didn’t want to face his entrance to school alone, and as he was Future Alpha, it was somewhat an unwritten rule, that he was supposed to enter with his Beta. Once he saw Killan getting out of his car, he followed suit, inhaling the scent of the many werewolves, only to catch a glimpse of a different scent, a scent that required him to follow it.



Raphaella slammed her locker door and turned to face the person whom had attempted to befriend her. She narrowed her eyes as Future Alpha Riley was there with a smirk on his face. She raised an eyebrow waiting for him to say something; Raphaella’s best guess was that Alpha Pater had asked him to speak with her.



            “Raphe.” Riley smiled. “You do know that today, Future Alpha Theo is coming right?” She nodded. “And you also recall that my father asked you to please be nicer to Future Beta Killan.” She nodded once again. “Well, he asked me to tell you to please try and behave with Theo.”


            “As I had told him and Martha, I will try my best.” She smirked. “If they bug me after I replied to their questions, I will not be responsible for my actions.”


            “But the actions are yours!” Riley exclaimed. “Try to please not disrespect them or kill them.” He sighed. “We have a treaty with Blue Moon Pack, and we need to respect their members if we want the treaty to continue.”


            “Whatever.” I shrugged. “I can’t promise anything, but I will do try.”


            “Try your best!” Riley shouted as Raphaella walked towards her homeroom.



Raphaella rolled her eyes and entered her classroom. As she took in a deep breath, there was something off, her wolf was telling her to get out of the class and search for the owner of the scent, but as stubborn as she was, she got herself inside the class and waited for the day to start.








Theo smiled at the pack members as he walked out of the school. He needed a break; all day long his wolf had been on edge, begging him to find the scent he felt in the morning, something between blueberry and strawberry with a sniff of woods. He simply hadn’t gotten a good sniff in order to follow it properly.



            “Where you running off to?” Killan questioned. “Already ditching school, on your first day?”


            “I need some air.” Theo replied. “My wolf is on edge, he’s trying to tell me something, but won’t say what it is.”


            “Maybe he is pissed at you.” Killan chuckled. “Have you seen Raphaella?”


            “I don’t think so.” He shrugged. “I don’t know who she is.”


            “That girl can’t be unseen.” Killan licked his lips. “She’s so gorgeous, and her attitude, damn, it makes her more sexy than she already is.”


            Theo frowned, as he felt his wolf growling, he didn’t like the way Killan was speaking about her, and he just didn’t know why. “I haven’t met her yet.” He spat. “Now, I want to have some time alone.”


            “Sure thing, Alpha.” Killan winked and stepped inside the building.



Raphaella’s scowl was now present on her face as her teacher spoke about treaties between packs and how important those were. Her class of Government wasn’t exactly as he had hoped for it to be, and now she was regretting taking the class. What made it even more regretful was the fact that the class was filled with girls whom simply took the class because Future Alpha Theo was taking the class, and yet he wasn’t even there.



            “Raphaella.” Her teacher spoke. “Would you please continue with the reading?”


            “What for?” Raphaella replied. “No one here really cares about the class, and I already know everything that you are going to teach us, so no, I will not continue with your reading.”  Everyone in the classroom went silent after her response.


            “Gather your things and come back until you feel like respecting everyone here.” Her teacher replied. “I will not tolerate this behaviour.”


            “Yet you tolerate people ignoring you.” Raphaella smirked. “It will be my pleasure leaving this hell.” And with that spoken, she gathered her things and walked out of the room.



Theo couldn’t seem to calm his wolf down, and he also couldn’t keep his eyes off the girl in the class he was supposed to be attending. There was something familiar in the red hair that girl owned. He couldn’t really understand what was happening inside, but it seemed that the girl was mad, and damn that gave her something extra.


Raphaella smiled as she walked into the hallway. She was sure to hear it from Martha when she got home, but right now she was free. She took in a deep breath, and her wolf howled, she was begging Raphaella to follow the amazing scent of pine and oak tree. Being the stubborn person, she turned around and walked the opposite way the scent was.


Theo frowned as he saw the red haired girl walk the opposite way from him. He could bet that she was Raphaella, the girl that everyone was talking about. The rumours about her were rather interesting, as they went from being such a rebel and badass, to the fact that she is beyond beautiful.


With the confidence an Alpha should have, Theo walked inside the building once again and decided to follow the scent that was driving his wolf crazy. He knew what it meant, but in all reality, he was actually scared. He had already met every wolf in Shinning Moon Pack, and Raphaella was from that pack, and his mate wasn’t from it. Yet, he hadn’t met Raphaella, which gave him some hope.


It was some sort of game, like the Tom and Jerry, the cat following the mice. Raphaella could feel someone following her, so she decided to make the task impossible. She didn’t want to be found, and he wanted to find her. Theo thought that he had the advantage as he is an Alpha, so his senses were better, and he could simply outrun Raphaella, if he knew what her pattern was. The issue laid on the fact that Raphaella isn’t any simple wolf, she’s just as strong or more than Theo can be.



            “Theo.” Sophie sighed in a loving matter. “What are you doing here?” She questioned as she stared at Theo.


            “I’m looking for someone.” Theo replied. “Has anyone been here?” He sniffed the air, and his favourite scent was lingering.


            “It’s just me.” She smiled, sexily, or so she thought.


            Theo let out a defeated sigh, her scent wasn’t the one he was looking for, but he knew that the person he was looking for was here, or at least had been. “I need the truth.”


            Sophie rolled her eyes. “Raphaella was here.” She spat. “A few minutes ago, but left before I could even question her.”


            “Where did she go?”


            “Down the hall,” Sophie replied. “Why do you even care what she does? She’s a no one.”


            “She’s someone.” Theo replied. “And I don’t have to answer to you.” With that spoken, Theo turned in search of the girl.



He wanted to find her, his wolf wanted him to find her, but he just couldn’t understand why she didn’t want to be found. He was blaming himself, if he had gone to his Government class, he would have surely met the girl and everything would be normal, but he had opted to skip it.


Raphaella stared at the scenery from the window; she let out a breath as she thought back to her past. She was sure that she didn’t belong here, but she just couldn’t figure out from where she came. No one in this pack or the neighbouring one, had her physical features, and for as much as she tried to research, Alpha Pater always had her busy, and he wouldn’t answer her questions either.



            “I found you.” Theo breathed out as he stared at the girl. “I finally found you.”


            Raphaella tensed up and gulped. Her wolf was going crazy. “Who are you?” She questioned without turning around. “Why where you looking for me?”


            “Your scent.” He replied. “I need to breath your scent.”


            Raphaella licked her lips. “Who are you?”


            “Theo, Future Alpha Theo Donovan.” He replied. “Turn around.”


            Raphaella wanted to run, she knew, she just knew that he was her mate, and that was the last thing that she needed, to have an Alpha mate. “No.”


            “Please.” Theo whispered. Raphaella gulped before she turned around. “MATE.” Theo growled.


“Fuck.” Raphaella whispered before she jumped off the building.


“NO!” Was the last thing Theo shouted before he turned into his wolf and followed her into the woods. 



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