She's The Alpha Queen

As the fairy tale that it is, it shall start just like one…

Once upon a time, a beautiful baby was born. She was the daughter of the most powerful and respected Alpha there was on the country. There was a prophecy of this baby, apart from being the heir of the pack; she was also the one wolf that would united two packs, to create a kingdom, to be just like before. She was going to become the Queen of all werewolves, and her mate, was going to be the King. They knew that she was the one, because of the mark on her left shoulder, a small red wolf paw, it looked like a mole, but everyone in the werewolf world knew what it meant (...)


11. Chapter Ten.



She’s The Alpha Queen

Chapter Ten.




Raphaella growled at the wolf that didn’t let her keep on going. Her wolf had been restless, since the moment she found out that both Alpha and Luna Donovan had ventured into her pack, Red Moon Pack, the place where she was going to be the next Alpha. Theo had made it clear, that she couldn’t go and seek for herself, due to the fact that she didn’t really know what Alpha and Luna Damon knew.


She bared her teeth at the guard, whom was visibly scared, but still stood in front of Raphaella, preventing her from crossing the border. The way his eyes flickered let her know that he was communicating, most likely with Theo, whom she supposed was looking for her. She didn’t want to turn back to her skin, her wolf wanted to find it’s true place.



            “Future Alpha Theo, told me not let you through.” The guard spoke, only angering Raphaella further. “He will be here any minute now.”


            “Raphe.” Theo spoke, nodding at the guard so that he could leave. Raphaella turned around snarling at Theo. “Love please,” He whispered; slowly approaching her, hands raised, he was no threat. “Shift back.” Raphaella’s wolf shook its head. “Want to go for a run?” She tilted her head to a side. “We can go for a run, inside the territory Raphe, my wolf would love to get to know yours.” As soon as Raphaella gave him a wolf grin, Theo was on his own silver black beast.


Raphaella’s red wolf let out a howl, she approved of how her mate looked like, and with a simple nudge, they both trotted deep into the forest, inside the pack land.


Theo showed Raphaella, the one side of him that she was missing, his wolf, whom just like him, was already in love with his mate. Even when his wolf could feel the power radiating off from Raphaella, he still made sure to protect her, scanning the place for any danger, and would always be a step behind her.






Alpha Damon paced back and forth in his bedroom. After the news he had received, his wolf had sprung, and he went for a run to cool down. His daughter had been found, for over years, and no one dared to tell him. Luna Damon, walked out of the bathroom, her eyes red from the tears that she had been shedding, this was the moment that they had waited for, and yet, neither knew how to act.



            “Love,” Angela Damon sighed. “We need to see her.”


            “I know.” Lucas Damon replied. “I just can’t comprehend how on earth, we never felt our daughter.” He took in a deep breath. “She was right under our noses-“


            “Lucas.” Angela hugged him. “It doesn’t matter now, the only things that matters is that she is safe, and we are finally going to be reunited with her.”


            “We are.” He sighed. “We should inform Beta Marc John and Fighter Daniel Coors about the development of the search, and that we are to leave.”


            “We should also take Future Beta Carl John and Future Fighter Kevin Coors with us.” Angela spoke. “They need to start learning about the duties.” Lucas Damon nodded. “We are going to meet with your daughter honey, why do I feel that it won’t go as expected?” She whimpered.


            Alpha Damon hugged his mate. “Everything will be alright.”



They could only hope that everything was going to be all right. They were about meet with their long lost daughter, and there was always the small fear that she wouldn’t know whom they were, or that she was just an illusion.


The Damon family was finally going to be reunited.







Theo nodded as he hanged up the phone. His parents had just announced that in two hours, they were going to be back with both Alpha and Luna from Red Moon Pack, Raphaella’s parents. He had to help Raphaella prepare to meet with her parents, after the run they had yesterday, they were closer, but still not as he wanted.


Raphaella frowned when she saw Theo, she could tell within a mile that he was hiding something. Standing up straighter, she walked up to Theo; she was not going to be lied by her own mate. She had finally convinced herself into trusting this pack, which meant that she was going to get answers, no matter what.



            “Is there something you would like to tell me?” Raphaella questioned and Theo looked confused. “Don’t you dare to lie to me Theo, please don’t.”


            Theo chuckled. “You are surely something complicated.” Raphaella frowned. “My parents called,” He grabbed her hands. “The Alpha and Luna from Red Moon pack are joining them.”


            “What?” Raphe whispered as she took a step back. “They are coming here?” Theo nodded. “I’m,” Raphaella gulped. “I’m going to meet my parents?”


            “Yes.” Theo whispered as he engulfed her in a hug. “And I will be with you, you don’t have to anything alone anymore, I’m here for you. Always.”




Raphaella could only nod, and excusing herself, she walked towards her bedroom. Theo let her go, he knew that she needed some time to think about the news he had just given her. How are you supposed to meet your parents after sixteen years of being separated, and betrayed by the one person they trusted the most? Opting for a personal moment, she locked her door and walked towards her bathroom, if she was to meet her parents, Raphaella wanted for them to meet the real her, not the little baby that they thought her to be.



Both Alpha and Luna Damon locked hands the minute they left their territory. Their heir, the product of their love, their only child was just a few minutes away. They not knew what to expect, they had lost their baby, and hadn’t been able to see her grow, so they had no idea what she was going to be like. Was she going to be a princess, was she a warrior, was she lost, was she strong? There were so many variables and possibilities for the outcome of the character of their small baby, but no matter what, they knew for a fact that the love they have for her was always going to be the same.







Both set of Alpha’s and Luna’s stood right outside of the main office, just as Theo and Raphaella stood at the other side. Raphaella gripped her mate’s hand, she could feel and smell her parents she was so close in to meeting the people who gave her life. Alpha and Luna Damon stared at each other, they could smell their daughter, and they could also feel the power that radiated off her, they knew that she was strong, but they never expected so much power.


What are you waiting for? Theo linked his parents. Raphaella is getting anxious.


So are both Alpha and Luna Damon. Alpha Donovan sighed. Let’s do this.



“Alpha and Luna Damon,” Luna Donovan started. “We present you with Raphaella Damon.” She finished as she opened the door.



The whole Damon clan stared at each other, neither move, neither spoke; they were all assessing the person or persons in front of each.  Raphaella couldn’t believe that she was finally meeting her parents; she was trying to capture every single detail from each, carve it onto her memory so that she was able to find them always.



“Raphaella.” Luna Damon whispered. “It’s really you baby.” She cried. “My baby it’s really you.”




“Oh dear,” Alpha Damon spoke. “I’ve dreamt of this moment for so long.” He took a hesitant step forward. Involuntary, Raphe took one step backward bumping into Theo, whom held her in his arms, causing Alpha Damon to growl. “Let her go pup.”

Theo growled back, he was not going to let his mate go. “Calm down.” Raphaella spoke. “Dad,” She tested. “Calm down.”


“Let her go.” He repeated taking another step forward.


“He’s my mate!” Raphaella shouted.



And that was the last sentence that was spoken on the meeting before Alpha Damon turned into his wolf and attacked Theo, whom as well turned and pushed Raphaella out of the way. For the perfect family meeting, it turned the opposite. 





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