She's The Alpha Queen

As the fairy tale that it is, it shall start just like one…

Once upon a time, a beautiful baby was born. She was the daughter of the most powerful and respected Alpha there was on the country. There was a prophecy of this baby, apart from being the heir of the pack; she was also the one wolf that would united two packs, to create a kingdom, to be just like before. She was going to become the Queen of all werewolves, and her mate, was going to be the King. They knew that she was the one, because of the mark on her left shoulder, a small red wolf paw, it looked like a mole, but everyone in the werewolf world knew what it meant (...)


7. Chapter Six.




She's The Alpha Queen


Chapter Six.



Raphaella cleaned her sweat as she stared at her reflection on the mirror. The run had been effective, at some point, she was still unsure as to the answer Alpha Donovan had given her. It somehow made sense, but she couldn’t believe that she was so blind not to notice the similarity they both had. She never really liked Alpha Pater, but she thought that it was just because she doesn’t really like Alpha’s, but now it makes sense, she hated him because he remind her of her abuser.


She could feel Theo outside her door, she had a terrible night, and she knew that it was because she wasn’t sleeping next to her mate. Even when her wolf begged her to go to Theo, she wasn’t going to show weakness; at least she was that as a weakness.



            “Raphaella.” Theo knocked at her door. “May I come in?”


            “It’s open.” Raphaella replied as she turned to face him. “Is there anything you need?”


            “You went for a run.” Theo stated and she nodded. “When you do so, please do put a shirt on.” He licked his lips. “There are a lot of unmated wolves here, and my wolf would like to rip them off just because they stare at you.”


            Raphaella said nothing but nodded. This was going to be her new life. “I will take it under consideration.” She let out a sigh. “Would I be able to have access to the library, exactly to the books of Alpha’s?”


            “I believe so.” Theo replied. “Get ready, we have breakfast with my mother and father, you can request your authorization there, and later you have classes with my mother.”


            “Classes?” Raphaella scoffed. “About?” Theo sighed. “How to become a proper Luna.” She rolled her eyes. “That’s absurd.”


            “Raphaella.” Theo spoke sweetly. “I know you don’t want to have the classes, but you’ve been training to become a Fighter, not a Luna. You need to at least know the basics of becoming a Luna.”


            “I need to get ready.” Raphaella spoke as she walked towards the bathroom.



Theo let out a sigh as he walked out of the room. He knew that Raphaella was going to give trouble when it came to the classes, but his mother had demanded them, so that she could know her better. Luna Donovan claimed that she has an idea as to the Pack Raphaella might belong in, and she just needs certain characteristics to make the call.


Theo had waited for Raphaella to appear at his room yesterday night, but it seem that Raphaella was just as stubborn as she claimed to be. They had skipped school today, in order to prevent the Rouges to find out that she had moved from pack. Also to let Raphaella settle down on her new life, this was going to be a big change, not only for her but for Theo as well. He had dreamt of having a mate, a loving one, and now that he does, he doesn’t even know how to act with her.



            “I’m ready.” Raphaella spoke as she appeared outside Theo’s room.


            Theo stared at his mate, his eyes roaming everywhere, trying to memorize every detail there was. “Are you sure you want to wear that?” Raphaella raised an eyebrow, taunting Theo. “Please.”


            “You don’t have to worry about me.” Raphaella replied. “I can beat anyone who disrespect me.” She winked. “Now, where is the kitchen I’m hungry.” She smiled, the first real smile she had shown.


            “Follow me then.” Theo smiled as he grabbed her hand and walked towards the kitchen.







Raphaella walked behind Luna Donovan, she was still unsure as to where they were heading, she was hoping for the library, so that she could re-search from where she comes from. She was also hoping that her classes never came, because she was in no mood of being nice to people she doesn’t trust yet.


Luna Donovan could sense the power radiating from Raphaella, and she was almost sure from where she came from, she just needed the confirmation of the story Raphaella knows. Even if she was just a baby, she is sure that Raphaella can and will be able to identify her family.



            “Raphaella.” Luna Donovan spoke. “I know that you have been asking about your past, but I believe that you know more about it than the rest.”


            “How will I?” Raphaella replied. “I was taken when I was a baby, I have no memory whatsoever.”


            “Raphaella, you are the girl of the prophecy, everyone knows that, and if you are the girl, you have far more abilities that you can imagine.” Luna Donovan started. “So I will help you out.”


            Raphaella licked her lips and nodded. “How?” She questioned as they entered the library. “I thought we were going to have classes to become a Luna.”


            “Oh honey,” The Luna chuckled. “You don’t need classes to become what you already are.” Raphaella smiled. “I think I know where you come from, but I need you to confirm it.”


            “You know a pack that lost its child?” Raphaella questioned in surprise. Luna nodded. “How come, they never searched?”


            “Oh they did Raphe,” The Luna started. “They searched for ten years, before they went back to their pack. They still send warriors looking for the baby, but they don’t really know for who to search…”



Raphaella nodded, she had to be that baby, she never heard of another pack losing a kid, but then again she might not be important, so they wouldn’t care about her…


Luna Donovan noticed the hesitation on Raphe’s face and let out a sigh, she knew that Raphe wanted to know her story, but what would it cost her to know?


Picking up the Record Book, Luna Donovan searched for the Red Moon Pack, she knew, or at least she thought, that Raphaella was from that Pack. Raphaella walked up to the table and stared at the book.



            Red Moon Pack.

            Alpha: Lucas Damon
            Luna: Angela Damon

            Future Alpha: Raphaella Damon (Missing.)

            Beta: Marc John

            Future Beta: Carl John

            Fighter: Daniel Coors

            Future Fighter: Kevin Coors


            Two months after the birth of the future Alpha, she was kidnap from our home. There was no sign as to who may have taken her or where she currently is. We requested help from our allies. We got no response.



            “That’s me.” Raphaella whispered as she stared at the picture of the baby.  “I’m the lost baby from Red Moon Pack.” She stared in awe. “How can it be possible?”


            “Honey, you are the exact copy of your mother.” Luna Donovan spoke. “Not a lot of people know the Alpha and Luna from Red Moon Pack, but we are allies, and we know them. The problem started in the fact that you were never around for the pack meetings, you were always so reserved that we never saw you.” Raphe nodded. “You never went to school, so how were we supposed to meet you?”


            “Alpha Pater never let me go to the meetings.” Raphe replied. “Every time there were meetings with other packs, he told me to stay at home, afraid that I would lash out to some Alpha.” She shrugged. “You do know that I have the reputation of not obeying, so go figure why he didn’t want me around.”


            “He was hiding you.” Luna Donovan growled. “He knew who you were and where you came from.” Raphe frowned. “We need to have a meeting.”



Raphaella stared at the book; she was the lost baby from the strongest pack ever. How could someone even kidnap her from such a strong pack?






Theo stared at his mate; she was gazing the night sky. All her past was coming back to her, she found out from where she came from, who her abuser is, and that no one was trying to help her.



            “I’m sorry.” Theo whispered, causing Raphe to turn around.


            “What for?” She questioned. “You’ve done nothing wrong.”


            “For everything that you’ve been through.” Raphe shook her head. “May I hug you?” Raphe gave no response. “Let me hold you please.”


Raphe stared at Theo, she yearned the hug, and she needed the hug. “Yes.” She barely whispered before she was swept into Theo’s arms.



All her life had been a lie, and just now, she figured out that she was supposed to be treated as a queen since forever. 

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