She's The Alpha Queen

As the fairy tale that it is, it shall start just like one…

Once upon a time, a beautiful baby was born. She was the daughter of the most powerful and respected Alpha there was on the country. There was a prophecy of this baby, apart from being the heir of the pack; she was also the one wolf that would united two packs, to create a kingdom, to be just like before. She was going to become the Queen of all werewolves, and her mate, was going to be the King. They knew that she was the one, because of the mark on her left shoulder, a small red wolf paw, it looked like a mole, but everyone in the werewolf world knew what it meant (...)


8. Chapter Seven.


She’s The Alpha Queen

Chapter Seven.



Theo stood right outside the door where the secret meeting was being held. They still hadn’t inform Red Moon Pack, that they had found their lost Alpha. The meeting was to talk about that, and how they were going to tell Alpha and Luna Damon, that their daughter had been kidnap and was residing on the Pack of their last Female Fighter.


Raphaella didn’t need to know yet, that someone so close had betrayed her parents, she didn’t need to know that just yet, she had to think that it was an outside job, and that no matter what, they always searched for her.



            “Why don’t you just use your hearing?” Raphaella spooked Theo.


            “Jesus.” He breathed. “I didn’t hear you coming.” Raphaella winked. “I sometimes hate that.” He chuckled. “I can’t really do that, it’s not right.” Raphe rolled her eyes.


            “A lot of things are not right,” She stared. “Yet people still do it. I don’t consider wrong, listening to things that will have an effect on us.” Theo nodded. “They are coming.”



Raphaella crossed her arms and stared at the Alpha and Luna as they stepped out of the room. She raised an eyebrow, discretely challenging the Alpha into trying to keep something away from her. Theo was standing behind her, questioning silently his father about the reunion.



            “The matter has been discussed.” Alpha spoke. “Before we take action, Raphaella has to be debriefed in everything that concerns her.” Raphe frowned. “About your abduction, up until right now.”


            “You’ll tell me how it happened?” She questioned. “And I will have to tell you what happened when I lived with Alpha Pater?”


            Alpha Donovan nodded. “We will discuss the issue after lunch.” He added and walked away.



Raphaella rolled her eyes and frowned, the way Alpha Donovan had spoke made her believe that it was something that her parents, wouldn’t want to know, and maybe, something that she wasn’t going to like.


Theo placed his hand on her shoulder, calming her wolf and herself. She didn’t want to give in, but the mate-bond was getting stronger and it was just a matter of time before they completely fulfill it.







Raphaella was already pacing outside the office; it was just a matter of time before Alpha Donovan called her in and explain everything that she had wanted to know since she was a baby. This was something she wanted, but somehow she was not so sure of wanting to know now.



            “Come on.” Theo spoke as he grabbed her hand and opened the door for his father’s office.  “Calm down.” He whispered.  Be tactful. Remember that she is powerful and we don’t know how she’ll react to the news. His father nodded.


            “Please take a seat.” He motioned. “Raphaella, I need you to understand, that your parents never gave up on you. To this point, they are still looking, no longer in the country, but all over the continent.” Raphaella nodded. “Your parents were betrayed by someone they trusted the most.”


            “Have they found the traitor?” Raphe growled.


            “They haven’t, but you know the traitor.” Theo placed his hand on her shoulder to calm her down. Her growls got only worst.


            “Who. Is. The. Traitor?” She spat. “Why haven’t someone told them?” She stood up. “It was Alpha Pater.” She smiled wickedly.


            “No.” Alpha Donovan spoke. “His mate.”


            Raphaella was taken aback with the news. “Luna Pater? How is she responsible?” Theo helped Raphe sat back down, he was just as confuse as she is. “Explain.” She demanded.


            “She used to be their best Fighter.” Alpha Damon spoke carefully. “She was trusted so much, that she was the one in charge of your care. She was also missing when you went missing.” Raphaella frowned. “They never thought it was her because her blood was there, and she came back, three days after you were missing, claiming that she had lost your scent.”


            “And they simply believed her!” Raphe snarled.


            “She also claimed that she had found her mate,” Theo kissed the top of her head. “She left three days after that, claiming that she was going to get help from her new mate and pack.”


            “Her mate isn’t Alpha Pater.” She spat. “I remember her, from before, I thought I was crazy, but she as with the Alpha Rouge, though she left, and Alpha Rouge went crazy, hiding me and saying that I was his mate or something.”


            “Wait a minute,” Alpha Donovan frowned. “Luna Pater isn’t the real mate of Alpha Pater?” Raphaella shook her head. “How do you know?”


            “She got really upset one night, it was about three days after I appeared on the Pack, and she started sobbing how it was all a mistake, his son’s father didn’t know he existed, and the Alpha Pater didn’t even know that he wasn’t his, the real father was her mate, but she had rejected him when she figured out what she wanted to do to a kid, I’m guessing me, and how she would have never helped him out if he knew his intentions.” Raphaella explained. “She didn’t know I was in the room when she spoke that.”



Alpha Donovan sighed and rubbed his eyes tiredly. This was getting out of hand. If he gave this information to Blue Moon Pack, he was more than sure that they were going to start a war and kill Luna Pater, and then search for the monster that wanted to mate their daughter.



Theo could sense the frustration from his father, this was a tough call and in all the alternatives he created on his mind, nothing was good. They had to tell Alpha and Luna Damon that they found their lost daughter, in the pack of their old Fighter, due to the fact that she escaped with her, to help her mate, but when she understood the magnitude of the problem, she escaped leaving the baby behind to another pack, later on the baby appeared on such pack and they hid her as well.


It was all a bloody mess.



            “How are we going to tell Alpha Damon?” Raphaella questioned and everyone was taken aback. “I think you should call him and Luna Damon here first.”


            “And what?” Theo questioned. “Just explain them that you are my mate? ”Raphe nodded.


“You found me, because I’m your mate.” Alpha Donovan nodded. “Later on, when everything is settled, we can tell them everything else. I don’t really know them, so we have to make sure that they don’t go out looking for revenge.” Raphaella sighed. “Alpha Rouge is looking for me, and it’s just a matter of time before he finds out I’m not at Shinning Moon Pack anymore.”


“That is a good idea Raphaella.” Theo spoke and she purred at his voice. “Shall we contact them now?”




Raphaella nodded and left the room. How was she supposed to meet up with her parents, sixteen years later? She always dreamt of meeting them, but now she had the opportunity of doing and yet she was so scared of doing so.


Theo followed Raphaella quietly, before grabbing her hand. The electric shocks made them both shudder, and instantly relaxed Raphe. Theo had only a vague idea of what might be going through her mind, but he wanted to make her happy, he wanted for Raphaella to be the happiest human and wolf ever.




            “Try not to think too much about it.” Theo whispered. “I’ll be with you through it all.”


            “I’m not thinking.” Raphaella replied. “I just don’t like knowing the results.” Theo frowned. “I’ve always known the outcome of things, and I don’t like not knowing how things are going to work out, in this case, how people will react.”


            “I will be there.” Theo kissed her head.



Raphaella tensed at the move. Gathering all the strength she could muster, she turned around to face Theo and hugged him. Surprise was something that was noticeable on Theo’s face. Hugging tighter, Raphaella was showing him that she wanted him that she wanted to spend time with him; he was becoming the rock that she had wanted for years.



            “Raphaella.” Theo whispered and she looked up to him. “I care deeply for you.” He added before capturing her lips. 


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