She's The Alpha Queen

As the fairy tale that it is, it shall start just like one…

Once upon a time, a beautiful baby was born. She was the daughter of the most powerful and respected Alpha there was on the country. There was a prophecy of this baby, apart from being the heir of the pack; she was also the one wolf that would united two packs, to create a kingdom, to be just like before. She was going to become the Queen of all werewolves, and her mate, was going to be the King. They knew that she was the one, because of the mark on her left shoulder, a small red wolf paw, it looked like a mole, but everyone in the werewolf world knew what it meant (...)


6. Chapter Five.



She's The Alpha Queen


Chapter Five.




Raphaella re-entered the room tying her wet hair into a ponytail, as the other Alpha’s (Blue Moon Pack Alpha and Silver Moon Pack Alpha) settled down on the room. She took her seat next to Martha and next to her mate, Future Alpha Theo Donovan. They had been discussing about the fact that Theo and Raphaella were mates, they thought that was more important that the issue at hand, the rouges that are after Raphaella.



            “-You can’t have her!” Alpha Pater exclaimed. “She’s my Future Fighter! I need her!”


            “She’s my mate!” Growled Theo. “She’s the Luna of Blue Moon Pack, and if you refuse to let her go, we will start a war.” He threatened.


            Raphaella rolled her eyes and stood up. “That’s not important at the moment!” She exclaimed. “It’s bound to happen Alpha Patter, I was supposed to leave either way.” She added narrowing her eyes. “Right now we should be discussing about the Rouge Pack that found me.” She sighed.


            “They found you?” Martha whispered.


            “They did.” Raphe replied. “We need to do something about it, I’m not going back to him.”


            Theo growled. “Going back to whom?” Raphaella rolled her eyes. “Don’t you dare roll your eyes Raphaella! Who is threating to take you back?”


            “Calm down son.” Alpha Donovan spoke. “But we do need to know what is going on Raphaella.”


            Raphaella gulped. “I was kidnap from my pack when I was a baby, and ended up in this Rouge Pack, and the supposed Alpha always treated me as a slave. He wouldn’t let me play with the other kids, and when he got mad, he tried to hurt me, but he never could, there was no way for him to draw blood out of me.” Theo growled. “He used to say that the pups we were going to have would be so strong, he also mentioned that my blood was enough to make him the strongest wolf.” Theo grabbed her hand. “I escaped when I turned six, it was easier due to the fact that I had my first shift when I turned five.” Everyone gasped. “I stumbled here, and ever since I’ve lived here. I thought that I had run away from him for good, but he is still looking for me.”


            “He’s not going to have you.” Theo growled.


            “I know that.” Raphe rolled her eyes. “What I want to know is why you haven’t helped me Alpha Pater.” She spat. “For ten years I’ve been requesting answer to all my questions and all you do is tell me you have nothing! There has to be something on a pack losing a kid!” She growled, her green eyes turning black. “I know you are hiding something, that is the same reason as to why you don’t want to let me go.”


            “Raphe.” Martha whispered. “You don’t understand.” Theo and Raphe frowned.


            “What don’t I understand?” Raphe growled.


            “You’re the girl of the prophecy.” Martha whispered. “I’m sure that you are the girl from the prophecy, it was said that the Moon Goddess, was going to protect you until you found your rightful spot once again.” Raphe shook her head. “There is a mark, with that mark we know that you are her.”


            “And you” Raphe pointed at Alpha Pater. “You don’t want to let me go because you are waiting for me to mate with your son so that you can have the strongest pack.” She spat and Theo growled. “Am I wrong?”


            “Raphaella!” Martha shouted.


            “What?” Raphaella snapped, her fangs coming out, making everyone know that her wolf is not happy. “You pretended to care for me, but you all ever did was to try and figure out why I couldn’t be hurt, you were studying me.” She hissed. “I’m leaving the pack.” She stood up. “If you don’t let me go, I will kill everyone.” She smirked and walked out of the room.







Theo stared at his mate as they rode back towards Blue Moon Pack, even when it was close to Shinning Moon Pack; it was still a good two-hour ride on car. After the outburst they had at the meeting, he could finally understand why he wasn’t able to catch her the first time she ran away, she was far more powerful than him, and that scared him, not because she was a girl, but because he knew that people where going to fight for her when people figured out who she is.



            “Stop staring.” Raphaella spoke.  


            “Sorry.” He mumbled. “Once we arrive, we will head towards the pack house, that’s where I live, on the fourth and third floor, it’s only for the Alpha and his family.” Raphaella nodded. “You will have to be presented to the pack as my Future Luna.”


            “When?” She questioned staring at him.


            “Two weeks from today.” Theo replied. “We won’t tell them you are the girl of the prophecy.”


            Raphaella shrugged. “I don’t care if the packs knows.” Theo nodded. “I just think that you are not sure what that means for you.”


            “What do you mean?” Theo questioned. “What does it means for me?”


            “If you paid attention to your Wolf History class you would’ve know that when the girl of her prophecy found her mate, they were going to bring the whole wolf community into the kingdom it once was, both of them ruling.” Raphaella explained. “I will become Queen and you’ll become King, by joining both of our packs, and every other pack submitting to us.”


            “I become King?” Theo whispered and Raphaella nodded.


            “But you shouldn’t worry about that just yet.” Raphe replied. “We need to figure out from which pack I come from, and how to defeat the Rouge Pack.”


            “The Rouge Pack that held you captive,” Theo started. “Do you have any idea where they are located?” Raphaella shook her head. “Let’s get settled in, afterwards we’ll have a meeting with my father, his Beta and Fighter so that we can come up with a plan if they ever decide to step inside our territory.”



Raphaella nodded and waited for Theo to show her the way. Throughout her whole life, she knew that Alpha Pater was keeping something from her, but she never thought that they, both Martha and Alpha Pater, would be so reckless not to figure out that Raphaella knew she was special. The so-called mark had glowed and itched a few days before she had her first shift, and almost every time that the Alpha Rouge would try to hurt her. In her Wolf History class, the one’s she took online, she learned far more than the one in school. They were more specific on her online classes, and it was there when she figured out everything.


She understood as to why her senses were more developed, why she had the great need of helping people in need. Her senses needed to be on top of the game for her to be the Queen, and her need was just as simple as the reason that she was going to become the mother a whole lot of werewolves.



Theo walked besides Raphaella; he was taking her to the room right next to his. He wasn’t sure if she would like to stay in the same room as him, so he opted for the safe play. He wanted to be near his mate, but he was trying to make his wolf understand that Raphe didn’t trust easy, and with the things they learnt at the meeting, she was going to have a hard time trusting them.


How is your mate? His mother asked through the mind link.


She’s mad and confused… I’m not sure. Theo replied. I’m taking her to the guest room besides mine; maybe you should come and say hi.


Believe that I will. Her mother replied. When the time is right. Your father is waiting for you and her on his office.


We’ll be there as soon as we drop off the things. And with that he blocked the link and stood in front of the room.



            “You’ll be staying on the room next to mine.” Raphaella frowned. “Unless you want to stay in mine.”


            “The spare room is okay.” Raphaella shrugged.


            Theo nodded. “You can refresh and when you are ready, knock at my door, so that we can meet with my father.”






The Alpha Rouge smirked at the map sprawled on his table. He had been searching for Raphaella, the minute she ran away from the pack. He needed her to become the greatest pack, the greatest Alpha; he was not going to submit to some pups.


He thought that she was going to be smart enough to move far away from him, but oh he was so wrong, little Raphaella had stayed two states away from him, in the pack of his dear brother.


His brother had expelled him from the pack when he told her his plan of abducting Raphaella to make her bare his pups to become the ruler, but his dear brother told him that it was insane, and that he was not going to help him, so he decided to run away from the pack and make his own thing.



            “Beta!” He shouted. “Gather up the troop, we are going on a little expedition.” He smiled.


            “Yes sir.” The Beta replied. “Have you found her?”


            “Oh, I did.” He smiled. “Yes, she was just visiting my little brother.”






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