How You Get The Girl

||How You Get The Girl||
Aurora never thought her life would go this way. She was a normal teenage girl from America, who was going to the country of Crystalâina (Crystal ah na), to be an exchange student. She tried to research the country before she went, but she didn't have the time. When she gets their, she realizes that the only reason that Family took her in was because of something going on in the Country at that time. Will she like it there? Or will she absolutely hate it.


1. Chapter 1

 My plane was beginning it's departure from the Airport, and I could practically hear my Mothers cry from inside the airport. My Mother was bipolar, she hated my guts, but when I left for another country is when she cries my name. Then there was my Father, I really never did have a Father, my Dad walked out on us when I was 5 and now I'm 18. My Mother still hasn't moved on, she cries every night about him, and then goes to the bar and gets drunk with strange men the same night. I don't understand why she can't get over him, he wasn't even a good guy anyways, besides he was very ugly. My Mother is the most prettiest person I've met, and yet she cries over that piece of shit. Well, I'm not the only one who has to deal with my Mother, I have 2 sisters who are twins, and 3 brothers that are triplets. My Mother had my sisters when I was 3, and my parents were excited, so excited in fact that they wanted more, that's where my brothers came in. When I turned 5 years old, my Mother found out she was pregnant with triplets and she was so excited but my father was not. 1 month later my father disappeared, and I waited every night for him to come back, losing sleep each and every night, eventually I realized he was never coming back. 8 Months later, my handsome brothers came along, and at that moment I realized that most of the attention will be on my brothers and sisters from now on. At this time, my brothers are now 13 years old and my sisters are 15, and they're with my grandmother at this very moment while my Mother dropped me off at the airport. Funny thing is, my Mother loves my siblings more than me,  and I have no idea why. I never did anything wrong anywhere, I am the perfect student, Straight A's in ever class, hence that's why I am going to be an exchange student in Crystalâina. In the country Crystalâina, they have English as their main language and Spanish as their secondary, kind of like the United States. The country also has a Monarchy, but a twist to this Monarchy, unlike England, they have this lottery type thing to find their Soulmate for the Heir to the throne. This lottery normally takes 60 Girls, but this year in Crystalâina, they are taking 55 girls and they just need one more girl in order to start the lottery. The problem was that there have been a small amount of couples getting pregnant these days in Crystalâina, so most of the girls are from different countries, such as Germany, England, China, South Korea, Italy, and etc. It's very sad though, the only reason the couples stopped having kids is because they believe it's very unlikely that the Prince is going to get married because he's so stubborn, and nobody wants a heir to the throne that's going to be stubborn all of their life and cause mischief in the kingdom. I believe that the Prince only has to open up his eyes and see differently. He needs realize that his followers depend on his actions that he makes as the Prince, and not some kid that'll never grow up because he believes the world is his toy box. He makes me sick just thinking of him. 

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