He Kisses My Scars [Lashton]


9. Chapter Nine

Ashton's POV

I sit down on the couch next to a sleeping Luke.I wanted to find out what was going on with Michael so I asked Luke as soon as he woke up.

"Lukey,what's up with Michael?"I asked laying him down and putting his back in my lap.

"He has chronic depression and turned to alcohol to deal with it,since he started drinking he became abusive and would ignore me when I told him NO.You see it's the alcohol that makes him violent,I think when I told him we were over he lost it.Usually ,he would punch me a couple of times and then he would cry in the bathroom for 20 minutes then drink again and then start touching me and kissing me,it went in a vicious circle."He said spilling all of it to me.

"Right,so you told him you were dating me and he flipped out?"I say trying to process all of the information.

"Basically,"He said kissing me.I kissed him back and he started making out with me.

"Do you wanna take this to the bedroom?"He said in between kisses.

"Okay," I reply putting my hands around his waist as we start to make our way into his bedroom.

He lays down on his bed waiting for me,It was late and i wasn't going to take this all the way but;God was luke a good kisser.

I take my shirt off revealing my newly forming scar on my stomach,I lay down next to him and he gets on top of my starting to work his hands down my waist.

After he starts to make out with me again before rolling off me clutching his stab wound.

"We should head to bed babe,"He says getting under the duvet.i get under the duvet with him and he rolls over and snuggles into me.

"Night babe,"He says melting into me.

"Night,"I say turning of the bedside lamp.

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