He Kisses My Scars [Lashton]


8. Chapter Eight

Ashton's POV:


I decide to call it a night when my hone buzzed,the notification read;

Luke Hemmings is now in a relationship with Ashton Irwin.

I updated my status on Facebook and turned out the light.


I woke up to my phone vibrating like mad,3 texts from Luke;

Luke: HELP



I decided not to ask,and I jumped out of bed just in my sweats,ran down the hall to his room. When I reached his corridor I saw Michael walking away from Luke's room a bloody knife in his hand.The door was open so I walked straight in to see a severely beat up Luke crying in the corner of his bathroom holding his side.

He was covered in cuts and bruises a fist shaped one forming on his cheek.I crouched down next to him then realising that there was a lot of blood everywhere,He opens his eyes and looks at me with pain in his eyes.I manage to pull his arms away from his sides and saw that his grey t-shirt was turning black.I take his shirt off seeing more bruises and cuts,then I saw it.

A stab wound.

He had been stabbed.

It was really deep,and he was obviously in a lot of pain, he moaned when I touched one of the bruises on his face,

"Who did this too you?" I said putting my hands in his head making him face me.

"M....Michael..st...st...stabbed me." He said pointing down at the bleeding wound.

The best thing to do now is to get it cleaned.I run a pain bathtub full of water.I untie his joggers and strip him down into his Underwear,it's kinda awkward but I take them off and put him in the warm water.I wash out his wound,it has finally stopped bleeding.I can now see that it is pretty deep.I have cleaned the floor and covered it with towels.I lift him out and lay him down.Looking at his full body,he is really batered up.I put some clean underwear on him and go in one of the cupboards looking for a bandage of some sort.I place a sterile dressing on the stab wound and wrap the bandage around his stomach and waist.I pick him up and cradle him,I stumbled a bit but tucked him under a blanket on the couch I kiss his fore head and he slowly falls asleep.

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