The Pink Door


1. Boo

For Samantha Eton, sitting around in a circle with a bunch of ‘sufferers’ around her age was her everyday chore just like doing the laundry or cleaning the dust off all the vases from her mother’s collection.  Though, unlike a daily chore, it was more difficult to endure long hours of sitting in one place, listen to each person rant about their daily problems and till the time it’s her turn to stand up to introduce herself, Sam’s mind goes weary to not only think about something to say but also command her skinny limbs to stand up from the plastic chair and her tiny mouth to speak up her thoughts (that her mind was already devoid of by her exhaustion).

It was her counsellor’s suggestion to her parents that she’d be well off with ‘people like her’, an innuendo to join the teenage depression support group. Just what Samantha needed at the moment. She’s such a lucky person that her parents understood her so well. Also, she wished her parents understood the sarcasm when she told them the same thing. But, with a big sigh, they didn’t.

It came as a disappointment to her that even with all that expertise, her counsellor didn’t know how to categorise people. Because she surely wasn’t meant to be a part of the support group. There was nothing like ‘people like her’.

Just take a look at Brian Somerfield. He was supposed to be the happiest guy in the town with all that wealth and fame of his parents, Simon Somerfield and Ellie H. Somerfield- the owners of Somerfield Ville, the biggest clothing industry in our town which is actually named after them. But looking at his condition, it’s clear that money doesn’t bring happiness, at least in this case.

The red head Lady Stele was uncomfortably slouched on her seat, hiding away from the leader of our support group, evading all the potential questions that may be asked from her like an ostrich. As far as Sam exhausted ear gathered during the last interminable session, after her parents’ divorce, Lady had been inactive in the class and also refused to speak for a whole month and cut off all her friendships as she was too infuriated by her parents. It’s also said (a gossip Sam overheard) that her parents didn’t care to name her and named her Lady just for the sake of documentation.

Along with them there is Stephanie Goulding, David Brach, Liam Cooper, Joseph Johnson (who still eats his own booger)- all of them face different problems with their family, friends and thoughts. Sam was not at all like these people. Among all these veritable problems, hers was of another degree. It was something that people might call hallucinations though Sam knew they weren’t hallucinations at all. The simple reason for this was that although she didn’t remember if it was real but the name she claimed as her own was always stuck in her mind.


Not boo as an expression one uses to scare the other but Boo as in a single syllable word that she always thought was her name before her parents taught her to stop telling everyone her name was Boo instead of her ‘real name’ (real for them) Samantha Eton.

 But the fragments of memories always stayed with her of the big blue furry Teddy she had who talked and played with her and the funny green one-eyed Lemon that always made her laugh. No, it wasn’t a dream, she was damn sure of it. They weren’t imaginary friends too. 

As she grew up, though the reality of the world told her that everything she once experienced was unreal but her faith in her memory and the one-eyed teddy she had (which she believed was a gift from the Lemon) fixated her mind on the one thought that said it was all real.

With this, she set out to look for the parallel universe that existed somewhere. At first she stared at the door for hours and hours and went inside her wardrobe at midnight with a flashlight, feeling like Lucy who set out in search of Narnia. The only thing she didn’t know was that Narnia could only be found when one didn’t know what they’re looking for.

She performed several rituals in front of her pink wardrobe and read more than fifty books on witch spells and incantations to find the other world (as was written in the books’ descriptions), all attempts a mere failure except for the time she accidentally used a love spell and succeeded in making booger boy Joseph fall in love with her (the reversal of that spell was difficult but achieved).

One time her obnoxious cousin sister Jody saw Sammy dancing around the fire while speaking gibberish and spread the gossip around the locality that her parents had to ground her for eight months until she stopped communicating with them. That’s when they thought to counsel her through a professional as they were afraid their daughter had a potential of becoming the next witch in A Haunting series.

Despite of all the bullying and taunts she got from the people, her mind was set on making plans to find the Monster world which had the doors to her liberalisation from her detention and to prove it to everyone that she was right.

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