That was a surprise

It's graduation for the 8th years and Ron has a question for Hermione. But will it go as planed. Dramione. Ron bashing.


1. That was a surprise

Disclaimer characters belong to J.K. Rowling.                                                  "I know what your thinking," Hermione began, " Oh No! Here comes Hermione granger with her head girl speech hand me a pillow." Everyone laughed at that. "But I'll try to keep this short, first I'd like to honor the people who died for hogwarts so a moment of silence. " everyone fell silent for a minute. " Hogwarts has been my home away from home for years I love hogwarts very much. And I think that's it. " she was exciting the stage when Ron ran on stage and said "Wait!" Hermione turned confused, her confusion turned to embarrassment and annoyance when Ron got on one knee. "Hermione I love you very much and I know everything about you. Which means I know you love me so will you marry me?" The thunderus look on Hermione's face made his confidence falter "So you think you know everything about me." Ron nodded "I see, what's my favorite book?" Ron smiled "that's to easy Hogwarts a history. " Hermione smirked. Wait since when does Hermione smirk? "Wrong" she said "who knows the answer?" She asked the whole room. "Pride and prejudice" Ginny called. She had come as Harry's plus one. "Who's my best friend?" "Me" Ron said confidently. Everyone was laughing now. "Wrong" Hermione said she turns toward the graduating students not even needing to ask. "Me" Fred said Hermione nodded. "So Ron I'm afraid I can't accept this proposal besides I'm already engaged. " she pulled a necklace out of her shirt with a ring on it. "Well" Draco stood up "Mya we should go. It was nice seeing you!" He kissed Hermione right on the lips and they walked out glancing back once tho see Ron gaping at the. 

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