My thoughts.

I like my life, I like that I have a shoe obsession, I like that I have a lot of Spotify playlist, I like that I feel I was born in the wrong era. But yet I feel sadness on a daily basis. I binge watch 'story time' videos on YouTube to have some drama going on. I almost started crying because our house hold ran out of Classic chai tea. Btw I love to collect the quotes from the Yogi tea. So welcome to my mind! I hope you can catch up.


2. Day 2

Friday the 2 September

I have a problem. I wouldn't consider it serious, but I get sad when someone else is sad. I know it's normal and it's sympathy, and it's a good thing. But I just feel endlessly sad because I can't make everyone happy, I instantly get a better day if my closest friends and family members are happy. And if one of them are not, mostly my best friends, I'll literally do anything to make them feel better, my favorite thing in the world is making people happy, make them feel better, help them get better and just you know put a smile on their face. It isn't always that easy, when I see people in public crying I stop myself from comforting them because I'm so shy and socially awkward, that's at least what I think of myself. Well my goal in this life is to find a way to help people and make them happy. And I won't give up till I complete.

Also a big change in the talk, I'm going to try and get a job at the local thrift store. I know I should probably get a job where I get money ( I want to buy an computer to when I go to 'after school' wich is like a Danish 1-2 years college ) oh and I could use some more money for shoes. Well it's a volunteer job, so as I said I don't get paid, but that's the great part about it! All the people who work there are very nice, I already buy all my clothes from thrift shops and the money goes to something good :)

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