My thoughts.

I like my life, I like that I have a shoe obsession, I like that I have a lot of Spotify playlist, I like that I feel I was born in the wrong era. But yet I feel sadness on a daily basis. I binge watch 'story time' videos on YouTube to have some drama going on. I almost started crying because our house hold ran out of Classic chai tea. Btw I love to collect the quotes from the Yogi tea. So welcome to my mind! I hope you can catch up.


1. Day 1

Monday the 1st September.

You know the sad feeling you get when you finish a book, like it was a part of your daily routine. I really love those books who gives you a new perspective on something and tech you a lesson. I recently finished 'Me before you' by Jojo Moyes, I absolutely love it. I'll now go get some more tea. I sneak out the kitchen, I'm home alone my family is out in a big garden. I fill up our little tin teapot, waiting for the water to boil. I open a tea brew, and flip the note 'Let things come to you.' I also like it when tea tea is so hot you can feel in in your throat.

Well the water is done and I'll go back to my room. I don't like being home alone, not because off my anxiety but because I have seen way to many horror movies. I love seeing them and getting scared by them and that they make you think and teach you how to survive if you got haunted or got in a real life horror movie, but they also teach you a lot of things you shouldn't do. I'm going to have a writing break now.

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