Angel Lovers


2. Where did Sam go?

When Dean and Cas woke up the next day they realized that Sam was gone and took all his stuff.

Dean: "where's Sam?"

Cas: "He left this morning leaving a note saying he wasn't going to be back for a couple days and he's in Buffalo New York."

Dean: "Did he say why."

Cas: "Nope also he took your baby with him."

Dean: "Dammit Sam he knows I don't let him drive it with out me!"

Dean: "Well Cas Pack your things and be ready to leave. We have to figure out what he's doing there and why."

After Dean and Cas checked out of the motel they found a car and went on the road to Buffalo New York!

Dean: "Hey Cas I think this is the right time to talk about what happened yesterday."

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