These are poems that I write, but I do find some on the internet. BUT I put the link and say if I found them on the internet, so that Im not stealing someone's poems. But yeah, I come up with them, and they're kinda depressing......but I try to add some hope in them....they're somewhat how I feel............


10. The Mask


Anna is not responsible for any self harm or flashbacks or anything that may happen while reading this. If you do not like reading about, death, suicide, sadness, self-harm, darkness. BUT there is GOODNESS and upliftinginess at the end!!! I might break this poem down into sections, but tell me if I should!!!


Baby Don't Cut-B-Mike


Sorry, I couldn't pick a good song. I couldn't figure out which one to pick. I know that you all probably know this song, BUT PLEASE LISTEN WHILE READING THIS POEM!!!


AND LISTEN TO THIS SONG TOO!!! Down below the picture.


Goodye I'm Sorry-Jamestown


You wake up in the morning and put on The Mask.

The Mask helps you to hide those secrets you keep.

Even from those you love the most.

The Mask protects and defends.

It builds up the walls and keeps the demons in

You hate and love The Mask.

You want to scream and shout, but you can't.

You're trapped inside your own nightmare. 

All of those demons inside aren't caged.

They get out and roam into the night.

All of those demons inside aren't caged.

Killing everyone in their path.

All of those nice thoughts are gone now.


That ONE person isn't here to save you now.

They're off somewhere else.


They're almost too late! 

They got lucky tonight...

But tomorrow's another dull day.

Maybe. Hopefully. They won't succeed next time.

I can't take much more of this!

All of these demons inside of me are ripping me to pieces!

All of this blood shed has to stop.

But there's ONLY one way out.



Death will finally put an end to all of these monsters inside my head. 

Death will end all of these demons in me.

Death; is silent. Everything will finally be quiet.

Death; will make everyone happy.

Death. Always wins.


So you pick up that razor.

Take it to your skin.

Slide it across that wrist.


One cut.

Not deep.

Barely scratches the surface.

Two cuts.

Not deep yet.

Three cuts.

"Barely"any blood.

Four cuts.

"Little" blood but I can take it.

Five cuts.


Over and over again.


Until you can hear your heart pounding in your chest.

Sounds like it's gonna burst.

You feel dizzy.

Your vision is growing darker by the second.

You fall.

You stay silent.



Don't do it.

Do NOT give in.

Don't let those demons control your life.

Don't let those monsters inside your head get to you.

Put them back under your bed.

Don't count on one person for your happiness.

Count on a few close people.

You never know what could happen to that one person.

Don't let us hear your name on the news.

Dono't let them add you to the list of deaths.

Don't let us mourn over you.

Don't let us bury you.

Don't let us cry.



Hug the ones you love.

Cherish them always.

Let them in.

Let them see the monsters.

Let them hear the demons.

Trust them.

That they'll be there for you.

Trust that they'll stay.

Trust that they'll SAVE you.

Even for a minuet or two.

So that they can see you smile.

Even for a little while.

You're NOT a burden.

So, what if I've seen your Mask?

So what, if I know you wear one too?

So what?

We'll be here to help and to stay.

Let us in.

Don't push us away.

Trust in us.



Gold-Britt Nicole


F*ing Perfect-P!nk

The original music video is better!




I put this in my co-authored poem book too!! But I broke it up into sections!! I'm ALSO posting the original too!!! So read both?! 


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