These are poems that I write, but I do find some on the internet. BUT I put the link and say if I found them on the internet, so that Im not stealing someone's poems. But yeah, I come up with them, and they're kinda depressing......but I try to add some hope in them....they're somewhat how I feel............


9. Monsters

All of these monsters are inside my head.

See I don't want to say voices because they aren't.

They're monsters.

Or demons as the people say.

My demons are constantly running.

Medication is required.

But all meds do is make you a zombie.

And zombies are monsters, are they not?


So I'm running from all of my nightmares.

All of my fears.

But there's too many of them.

Some may call it paranoia.

I call it insanity.

Thinking about these things constantly.


They say, "It's just a teenage thing." 

Something everyone goes through at this age.

But is it really?

Because I can fake everything you can.

I can mimic your voice.

I can mimic your smile.

Don't think I don't already.

So tell me, is it really "just a phase"?


All poems ARE made by me. UNLESS I put a picture of the poem and then write it out. But yeah, don't steal them. -.-

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