These are poems that I write, but I do find some on the internet. BUT I put the link and say if I found them on the internet, so that Im not stealing someone's poems. But yeah, I come up with them, and they're kinda depressing......but I try to add some hope in them....they're somewhat how I feel............


1. Disease

I feel like a disease.

Everyone dies around me,

Don't come near me, please. 


One day, you're fine.

Two days, you're okay.

Three days, you're sick.

Four days, you're sad.

Five days, you're hooked.

You're gonna die.


Stay away please, pretty please?

Stay away from me.

I'm trying so hard to not lose you.

I'm trying and trying.

Begging on my hands and knees.

Over and over again.

A thousand pleads.


I'll fight your demons, and beg for your life.

I'll heal your wounds and kiss your scars.

I'll fight this battle called life.

I'll fight by your side.

I'll die by your side too.

I'll stand with you. Not against you.

I'll be your shield. 

Your guide. 

You body guard. 

Your protector.


I'll make you proud of me.

But don't get too close,

Or you'll catch my disease.


Death is my curse.

Death is my disease.

If you catch it...

Don't blame me.

You've read my warning.

Now just go away, please,

Before you catch this disease.



I've added some to it. You can read the original on Wattpad. 


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