Not a joke

Usually it the twins who pull the pranks. But this time it's Hermione. But is it a prank? Fremione.


1. the note

     Hi everyone I'm back and this is my first actual fanfic! I like to say That the characters belong to the queen of writing J.K. Rowling and also I got the idea for this from another fanfic but I don't remember the name sorry.                                        Fred got the first note a week ago. He hadn't told anyone not even George. The note was of cut out letters as not to show handwriting. It had said: you know me very well but here is something you don't know I have a secret which concerns you. You see I have strong feelings about you, I think I love you but I cannot confess my identity for fear of rejection.  That was it. He was really trying to find out who it was without George's help. Meanwhile he noted that Hermione was acting odd.                        That's it for this chapter please comment on what you think and you ideas also if you think that you like the same books and stuff tell me and I'll probably follow you. 

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