Not a joke

Usually it the twins who pull the pranks. But this time it's Hermione. But is it a prank? Fremione.


3. Confessions

J.K. Owns characters.                           Previously: there's this guy I have a crush on but he probably doesn't like me back." Fred looked at her "well who is it maybe I know him " "I can't tell you" Hermione wailed. "Ookaay" Fred asked " is he in your year?" She shook her head no. "Does he play quidich?" This time yes. "Gods please say it's not Diggery" he begged   She laughed out a no.  "Griffindor?" She nodded. "How tall" "way way taller than me" Fred thought for a second "George?" He asked even he could hear the disappointment in his voice. "No you idiot it's you. " he looked at her for a moment then said "if this a joke it's not funny"  "it's not a joke" his eyes widened "I-i-i like you to"  he managed to say. He lent over and kissed her cheek.       The end                                   Please comment on what I should do next. Kisses bye!

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