Ship tag (sort of)

This isn't a story but it's about the couples I ship and my otps so you should read to know if you will want to read my story's!


1. Ship tag

So I came up with some questions about fictional couples and who I ship so dear reader(lol I always wanted to write that) here it is. 

1 q. Do I only ship cannon couples         A. No I ship a lot of non cannon.             2 q. What non cannon ships do I ship     A.  Thalico, dramione, and fremione.       3q. Cannon couple I hate.                       A I have two dick Grayson and Barbra Gordon also Ron and hermione 

4 q books/tv shows/movies I'll write about   

A Percy Jackson/ heroes of Olympus, Harry Potter , young justice, the selection                                                   5q do I read fan fiction                               A duh. 😜

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