survival (h.s au)


rose is a cold hearted woman doing anything for survival , but when getting caught on one of her raids she didn't expect for her captor 'harry' to be ... so unlike her in more ways than one , but it all matters if she will ever be able to let her guard down and allow her to feel anything other than numbness.


17. zac

finally got wifi back on yay !!!! tell me what you think of this chapter.... :)

For the next few days harry hasn't left my side and strangely enough hasn't had a burst of anger at me which is quite shocking considering I've been told I'm really annoying at time's. He has also left me to read his book that is filled with all types of quotes and poems even sketches i guess he uses writing as a relief. Loud shouts are heard minutes after harry left me at the hut while he went to go talk to someone. Sitting still for a few more minutes i quickly rise when the shouts get loud but mix in with shots , what the hell is going on? Heading out the door the first thing i spot is men charging at each other but what shocks me the most is there not just anyone but my people from my camp. Rushing through avoiding hits i spot hair fighting with someone already with a bloody lip and nose but what stops me in my track is the person he's fighting with. Zac.  Running forward as fast as i can ignoring the dull ache in  my thigh my head fills with questions. Are they here to finally get me back? What took them so long?


"Zac! Stop" i shout gaining there attention as they both freeze and realization seems to dawn on Harrys features as he looks back at Zac. He looks the same brown harry tousled , tall figure and bulging muscles along with a sharp jaw adoring light stubble. God have i missed him. Smiling in relief he goes to grab my elbow only for harry to take a stern grip of my arm pulling me to his side. Fury fills his grey eyes as they dart to were his hold is on me but its not that tight but my own body wont seem to move.


"let her go." Zac's voice is nothing but cold but unlike me he cant hide his emotions well as he looks overhead looking a bit panicked. Turning to harry i see his lips twisted and an emotion i cant dephine come across his already stressed features.

"please harry if you let me go all this will stop and you can go back to your life semi-peacefully" i practically plead seeing my camp starting to retreat. Where are they going? Once again shaking his head he tucks me further to his side turning his beautiful green eyes to my brown ones.


"no don't you get it rose? Your apart of my life , under that emotional robot façade you've got going there someone with a heart there who just needs to be shown how to use it correctly and I'm not giving up that chance you'll be better here." and for the first time I'm speechless , he's basically offering to show me love but i don't do love i do survival and with that thought i wrench myself from his grip grabbing Zac's arm running and not looking back.

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