survival (h.s au)


rose is a cold hearted woman doing anything for survival , but when getting caught on one of her raids she didn't expect for her captor 'harry' to be ... so unlike her in more ways than one , but it all matters if she will ever be able to let her guard down and allow her to feel anything other than numbness.


6. vunrable

 let me know what you think! might be a few mistakes i wrote it late last night after studying *cries* , enjoy!


As soon as i hear heavy snores from the bed i drop the un useful blanket on the floor and head straight for the hut door. My icy hands wrap around the chipped wooden handle and i start to panic when there not a single movement which means there must be a key. Trying to retrace what harry did with it , i don't even recall seeing one so i take a deep breath and head over to the most likely place , the desk. The best i can in the pitch black i feel nothing but the odd thick book so i move on quickly to the oak draws being careful to not make a noise. Cringing at the slight creak i feel around the top two draws only to find empty space , what's the point of them if your not going to occupy them? Breathing a frustrated breath through my nose i can barely feel my feet in this freezing weather and I'm pretty sure if i don't find something to warm me up to my normal body temperature I'm going to get pneumonia or freeze to death ,and I'm not going to give these people the gratitude of me dying.


I still when a movement from the bed has my heart on a very scary Rolla coaster i cross my fingers hoping for him to go back to sleep but of course luck is never on my side. His frame sits straight up and i press myself further against the wall. There's no time for me to leap back to the floor otherwise that would just be damn right stupid. I hear a sharp intake of breath being took and i can now correctly guess that he's notice I'm not where I'm supposed to be. The side lamp/torch is quick to laugh at my attempt along with curly as he sees me trying to disappear into the wall . The first option of flinging myself on the floor with that tatty blanket is becoming very tempting right now.


"what are you doing rose?" he asks voice no higher than a whisper and i thank heavens that he's still half asleep otherwise i would have been in really big trouble right now. Another thing how the hell does he know my name as well as that other chap James? I know that people know of my place but i never ever told anyone my name. Its either been miss or other names that i would not repeat near children. I try to give a small smile but I'm positive it comes out a grimace and i see amusement flash in his eyes as i square my shoulders trying to show my usual confidence.


"how do you know my name?" my voice low like his. Something flashes and the amusement long gone replaced with his usual resting bitch face. Clearing his throat he runs his hand through his disoriented curls a sign i know well of , frustration and nervousness. Why would he be nervous? It was just a simple question. Being my stubborn self i edge forward to the bed watching his Adams apple bob up and down now losing his cocky confidence. Using his vulnerability to my chances my eyes catch on to a necklace which consist of two chains hanging low on his neck. One of them is a silver small paper aeroplane and along with it a key.  Bingo.


"how?" i question again now sitting on the bed. I just need a way to get that chain of his neck. For the first time i watch him lose himself and do something i never expected.


"i-i it wasn't my f-fault i had to." he stutters no longer being able to keep eye contact. My plans to use his vulnerability long gone i find my self curious to what's gotten him so nervous , and what has this got to do about knowing my name?


"had to do what?" i ask getting closer and laying a hand on his broad and gratefully clothed shoulders. He tenses for a second before relaxing once noticing I'm only comforting him , something i rarely do and after this will hopefully never do again. I am definitely not a caring person but if it means getting information and getting out of hear ill become whatever the hell i need to be.


"I cant tell you . I think we should go to sleep i have to show you around camp tomorrow and make sure no one kills you." he says now aware of who he's talking to. I'm tempted to roll my eyes at how close i was but i haven't given up just yet . Keeping on my sickly sweet nature i lean forward and warp unclothed my arms around him startling him at first but he soon gives in once noticing I'm not moving. I swiftly unhook the chain fisting it tightly to me and pull back making sure he cant see it before sliding it into my pocket. He is so gullible , he really doesn't know me at all. Sending him a small smile he doesn't take his hand of my arm and i see his bushy eyebrows furrow even further and not with my change of behaviour.


"your freezing rose." he states and this time i cant help but roll my eyes. Leaning back i give him my 'are you serious' look and point to the scrunched up piece of tat on the floor.

"no shit Sherlock." to which he lets out a small chuckle then looks me over again before sighing. He opens his cover halfway while i just look at him confused , where has this caring person come from? He said he couldn't care less last night.


"come on then we have got a few hours before we have to get up." he announces turning on his left leaving me facing his back. Shuffling in i wrap the duvet around me and cant help the sigh of content off the warmth radiating off it and with help of the body heat next to me. The last thing i hear before i drift off is Harrys rough voice

"goodnight love."


What is he hiding?

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