survival (h.s au)


rose is a cold hearted woman doing anything for survival , but when getting caught on one of her raids she didn't expect for her captor 'harry' to be ... so unlike her in more ways than one , but it all matters if she will ever be able to let her guard down and allow her to feel anything other than numbness.


20. together

​this is the final chapter !!!! i hope you've enjoyed it and let me know what ya think!

Getting pushed to a room i remember being tied to a chair in  the push me down into the chair but this time down rope me down to it seeming as they have already got me cuffed. Sat for about ten minutes before there any sign of life i finally hear the voice I've been waiting to see for the past three weeks. Seemingly speaking to the guard i guess these two don't know who i am seeing as i hear the word 'trespasser'.

Curly hair down his eyes are on the floor as he walks in and flicks the guards away with his wrist. Lifting his head up he freezes literally then blinks like he cant believe what he's seeing well neither can i buddy. Straightening his posture his eyes flicker to my wrists which are tied and quickly rushes over to undo them. Rubbing the now marked skin i stand up going to open my mouth only to close it again and doing the most stupid thing i can think of , i wave.


"hi." i say awkwardly and physically cringe. Hi? Really? Running a hand through my waves i watch as his lips twitch and he raise a brow but i can see by the way he angles his body towards me that he isn't angry looks happy almost, that's a start.

"i-i i need you." i end up blurting. Gosh could this get any more humiliating. His smile widens as he sees me struggle on what to say , how exactly do i word what i mean?

"i mean i , you said you could help me feel again yes?" i word. Nodding he lifts a brow for me to continue not at all helping me with my speech huffing i decide to just go with the blunter version otherwise I'm gonna be stood here stuttering all day.


"i well i feel something for you and if its a chance at me to feel something other than numbness i want to take it or at least try." and then I'm surrounded by warmth. Arm wrapped around me i rest my head on he chest trying to calm down my breath which is a tad bit all over the place but can you blame me? Returning the gesture i gingerly wrap my slender arms around his middle inhaling before stepping out of the embrace.


"of course ill help you rose i cant deny that i feel something for you and if your willing to not be a stubborn arse and let your guard down for more than a second then I'm willing to try." he comments holding me arms length . Pulling his notebook out of my satchel i wave it in front of him causing him to take a step back.

"i erm read them i may have also wrote in it aswell and your actually a really good writer ya know?" i trail of nervously laughing. I've never been in this type of situation before , still smiling he takes it from me then beckons with his hand for me to come closer. Practically jumping to his frame i allow his arm to sneak round my waist and for his lips to find mine.


We can survive together.

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