survival (h.s au)


rose is a cold hearted woman doing anything for survival , but when getting caught on one of her raids she didn't expect for her captor 'harry' to be ... so unlike her in more ways than one , but it all matters if she will ever be able to let her guard down and allow her to feel anything other than numbness.


10. plan

did you all see Harrys blank spaces on ig ? what do you think those meant: I'm trying so hard not to burst out with some Taylor lyric here ....


Around an hour or so later i find myself back at the meeting room talking to Liam again, he really is a nice lad from what i have gathered so far and to be honest his brown puppy dog eyes really go in his favour. People start to flock in and recognising only a few including James and toby and the nasally bitch who i shot down there. By the time there all seated harry is now stood by my side and over 50 pair of eyes , more like glares are on me. Oh just great. Plastering on a mocking smile i go to take a seat next to Liam only for harry to clasp my shoulder keeping me still. Turning to him he looks over at me with no emotion what so ever making my mouth close , is that what i look like? Is that why half my camp where to scared to try and talk to me? Pushing those thoughts away i listen to what he's got to say.


"where running dangerously low on supply's so where going to have to go on a raid" and like that everyone erupts in murmurs and i can see the worry and concern in there eyes.

"quieten down . So I'm going to admit this to you but I'm kind of stuck to which camp to raid because most of them like us have nothing to take." this is not how i plan my raids .


 I start from the east border in a circle and make my way inwards and by the time I've raided the last camp in the centre supply's will be up again on the coast and we just start again , dotting from different ones isn't going to work cause you wont know who's empty or not and its a waste of fuel if it doesn't work out. The raid my camp where going to go to after this was lock wood a bit further down so since i haven't raided it with being stuck here and all they should still have plenty of supply's. I didn't realise i had murmured it out loud until it turned a tensed silence and everybody was looking at me including harry with drawn brows.


"what was that rose?" harry demands more than asks. Christ i should really stop talking aloud it will get me in trouble some day if me talking in general doesn't already.

"I said Lockwood. If your looking for a raid place and wanting to come up successful and not waste a journey i would suggest going there." i shrug trying to work out my thoughts , why did i tell them that? I should just let them starve i mean there keeping me here against my will and yet here i am helping them. The same bitch from last time is the first to shout.


"yeah right your probably trying to lead us to a trap or something" she accuses. Well i guess that's what i get for trying to help. Pinching the bridge of my nose i stare at the black haired girl already had enough of her why cant she just shut her trap?

"what's your name?" it thankfully comes out calmly. Straightening her posture she smiles saying it as if she's proud and i should bow down in her presences , yeah right what a silly cow. "angel" how ironic is her name? Angel is the furthest thing she is it would be like naming me grace.


"angel, shut the fuck up your voice is like a shrill and I'm one step closer to fixing that nose of yours okay?" and that stuns her to silence but i do notice her hand reach up to her nose. Turning to harry i take a deep breath i might as well tell them now I've already blurted it out

"as i was saying before i was interrupted, you should go to Lockwood that was were i was going to raid cause there full of stock , well after this camp anyway..." i say mumbling the last part. Getting caught for the first time in my life is not something I'm proud of and if my parents were alive id be getting a beating right now. Lips pursed he nods his head before turning to the group who have not uttered a word since my little threat and are looking a bit bewildered that there leader didn't ring my head for talking to someone like that.

"okay Lockwood it is then , ill call another meeting in a few days once I've sorted out a plan now everyone but group A can leave." he orders and just like that there gone leaving us with a group of 9 or 10 people all male and the plan starts.

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