survival (h.s au)


rose is a cold hearted woman doing anything for survival , but when getting caught on one of her raids she didn't expect for her captor 'harry' to be ... so unlike her in more ways than one , but it all matters if she will ever be able to let her guard down and allow her to feel anything other than numbness.


5. hut

 haven't updated much with school! also just moved and let me tell you there are some pretty CUTE lads round here ;) anyways comments and all that on what you think! enjoy xx


After ten irritating minutes of there so called 'whispering' they finally turn there attention back on me and all do not look happy with my presence , but the feeling is most definitely mutual. Harry leans his against the wall his posture calm and collected but his expression tells me something totally different.

"are you all just gonna stare at me ?" i sass and blonde looks amused but keeps his mouth shut when seeing the others unamused looks. James speaks up and i feel my brain totally freeze then all i see is red , and not the love type either.

"your gonna be staying here for now and your going to be living with harry , i hope you enjoy sleeping on the cold hard ground."

Not a minute to waste my mouth has a life of its own and if it keeps going its going to end mine.

"oh hell no. You can have the food back but there's no way in hell I'm staying here near any of you disgusting animals. I swear to god i don't belong to you and if you don't let me go right now." i trail off and curly lets out a boom of laughter while all i can do is scowl. I cannot wait till I'm out of these damn ropes , my fists will not be apologising for wandering out of my grasp.

"you have no choice. And what are you going to do, do some type of mind voo doo love?" he has the cheek to say . I feel a pink flush makes its way up my neck not out of embarrassment but anger. How dare he.


"well I'm sorry I'm allergic to stupid people and that's a medical condition so i most certainly cant stay here." i sarcastically remark and i see blonde and surprisingly James stifling there chuckles. Jaw tense he strides over to me and bends down eye level to me and looks at me like I'm a child while I'm think of 110 ways to kill him.


"so looks like we have a sarcastic one hmm?" he says under his breath not intending to be heard but i heard it and my sarcasm levels are off the scales today considering the terrible position I'm in right now , but its never stopped me before and it wont stop no neither


"I'm not sarcastic , I'm just intelligent beyond your understanding." i say smirking feeling him let out a huff of most probably frustration and i feel the familiar smell of cigar breath. He should really chill out or he's gonna get wrinkles and get some mouthwash.


"your even more idiotic than i thought you were if you think you can keep me here." i comment seriously . If i cant get myself out I've got an army of people that will be hopefully planning to get me out of here. Well i hope so anyway, they wouldn't leave me would they , i am there leader after all.

"okay i think that's enough of your insult's for tonight," he states bending further down to finally untie the rest of the rope leaving a sour red mark that will be hurting for the next few days, as if i haven't got enough on my extremely large plate already. I'm tempted to yank at his long curly hair if my hands were available.


Getting dragged out of the basement type room the other to idiots follow along only to separate and head off in a different direction leaving me with the biggest idiot of all, how lovely.

 No words spoken only the sound of our feet and thankfully breathing he pulls a stop at a small hut and studies me for a minute , which he seems to do a lot, and then opens the wooden door allowing us in.


"I wasn't insulting you earlier you know , i was only stating the truth." i cant help but remark as i look around this room. There a bed tucked into the furthest corner of the room with basic sheets and duvet with blankest and another plain desk with what looks likes books next to a rail which holds a few towels and what i assume are his clothes. The corner of his lips twitch up momentary before his usual poker face is back and he practically chucks the most smallest blanket I've ever seen at me.

Not moving from my spot i look down to the plain ratty grey blanket in my hand that wouldn't even cover a child then back at harry with a raised eyebrow. He cannot be serious. I didn't realise i voiced my thought's until his deadly serious voice answers coldly . 


"your not a guest , your not wanted here. You and your people snuck in and attempted to steal from our already limited stock and also killed two people trying , if i hadn't have caught you god knows how many more would have had to have had there life sacrificed for your selfish needs" and for once i actually don't know what to say.

 When going on raids i never once stopped to think how it could affect other people, but then just like its programmed into me ,i don't care. Its life or death and I'm only making sure i don't lose anyone else , i have no family ,no mum or dad or a big brother to protect me I'm all on my own. They lost there lives trying to make sure the rest of our camp stay safe and well and most importantly survive and that's all I'm trying to do.


"well let me go then." i say the only reasonable option there is. There's a brief pause before he answers with a stern

"no" and with that flicks the torch off and climbs into his nice cosy warm bed while I'm left stood here with a blanket that will do no use , no pillow and the worst ,

no one who cares.

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