survival (h.s au)


rose is a cold hearted woman doing anything for survival , but when getting caught on one of her raids she didn't expect for her captor 'harry' to be ... so unlike her in more ways than one , but it all matters if she will ever be able to let her guard down and allow her to feel anything other than numbness.


7. control


I think that was the plan , trying to kill me in my sleep. My chest has never felt so heavy before and i can feel buckets of sweat pouring off me. Peeling an eye open i squint at the light coming through the small window then stiffen when i look down. The first thing i notice is over a dozen of black tattoos and an arm that most certainly doesn't belong to me. Turn my head not even half an angle i come face to face with the culprit nearly killing me and that's a sound out harry cuddled into my neck. Attempting to move is impossible and I'm thinking about grabbing the bedside lamp that mocked me last night and lamping him with it. I cannot have the person who's holding me captive cuddling me , even the word makes me wanna barf. Since there's no way to move i take the time to examine him up close like he often does to me.


His long dark eyelashes lay flat against his high cheekbone hiding away his i will admit pretty forest green eyes. He has mild acne and a mole on the right side near his lips which are a very pink colour and his long curly brown hair scattered everywhere near my neck making me squirm at the tickling sensation. Everything about him screams feminim and i cant help but giggle at the irony - a supposedly big scary leader that everyone looks up to, he wouldn't even make a rabbit flinch. With grate force i grab his arm and swing it as hard as i could backwards making it smack right against his face and that seems to do the trick. Wide awake he look at me with those wild eyes and finally croaks out


"what the hell?!"


mocking surrender i jump out of bed and shrug innocently as he hold both hands to his face and pulls them back looking for blood. What a freaking drama queen.


"you were suffocating me." i say fighting back a smile watching him mutter something along the lines of 'crazy' and 'daft' still not taking his eyes of me. Turning to the mirror i pull out my hairband only to put it up again this time neater and not looking like I've been living in bush. My black legging serve several medium and large size holes but i couldn't care less but my sweatshirt needs to be changed because that's just disgusting and i wont be turning into one of these people over night , I'm still a girl after all.


"have you got a shirt ?" i ask already heading over to the small rail tucked in the corner. Without hearing his answer i pick up one of the clear white large t-shirts up and head into the little room which has what i barely call a shower and a toilet. Slipping my shit over my head i quickly replace it with harry which is actually quite comfortable and head back into the bedroom. Looking up from desk i se he has already changed and his eye widen but i pay no attention too it. I'm fully aware that you can see my black bra through it but what they gonna do? Call Victoria and tell her the secrets out?


Clearing his throat he excuses him self to the loo and i quickly take charge and bring out the key unlocking the door and making a swift run for it. My boot covered feet hit the pavement attracting the unwanted attention of others and it doesn't take them long to notice who i am. I go to feel for my weapons and freeze. How could i forget? It looks like its just my fists and i .i feel something hit my leg and swing defensively only to see a blonde boy around 6 or 7 looking at me with a sad expression. He kicks his foot again at my calf and i cant help but crack a smile at his attempt.

"they say your a strong yes?" he boldly says straightening his back and frowning at me. Oh Christ, this is the last thing i need to be doing right now. I'm not going to hurt a child. Out the corner of my eyes i see harry coming out the hut looking left and right and stops when spotting me and makes no movement to move from his spot. Looking around me i see that men have already circled me with weapons and trapped me in.


"what do you need buddy?" i impatiently ask . Out of no where a tears falls down his pale cheek and he points to another hut like Harrys but smaller. Squinting my eyes i catch on what he wants. There a average size ball lodged up on the gutter this is why i don't like kids or have any myself . Sighing i bend down on my knees to his level and think of what to do .


"you want me to get it?" i ask to which he nods slowly . Wiping his tears i smile and turn my back to him seeing people gathered round still watching , great I've got my own show. not a minute later i feel his body latch onto my back and his arms round my kneck. People gasp as i stand up holding the back of his thighs probably thinking I'm using him as bait or some crap but I'm not that shallow. walking over to the hut which thankfully they don't shoot me but i think its mostly because of the kid hung on my back laughing like a monkey. Luckily with my height of 5ft 8 and the boy on my back he reaches up successfully grabs it and i bend down allowing him to get off.


As soon as he's out of sight all weapons are raised and i look at harry for help seeing him runs a hand over his face before stepping in. Using his voice of authority they immediately back down but that doesn't stop the murmurs, and he jogs over to me and grabs me harshly by the arm and practically drags me through the camp.

"where's the key." he demands stopping out side of a grey brick building. Huffing i shove the chain into his chest and cross my arms having my own Minnie strop that i didn't succeed. Unpinning both of my arms he squeezes them tightly making me wince as his fingers come into contact with the rope burns still fresh and now even more sore.


Pulling me into the building there's a table filled with people on it and he drags me over to and they all stop what they were doing turning there attention to us. Upon seeing me by his side there faces turn to scowls. Shoving me down in one of the seats he takes one next to me and the lass opposite me looks at me up and down in disgust. What a charming bunch. She has jet black hair and brown eyes and is very skinny stick like almost.


"this is rose she's staying here with us. "he shortly states and of course someone has to whinge, cringing at her nasally voice i stiffly my giggle as she place a polished hand on Harrys arm to which he immediately shrugs off.

"but harry , we don't want something like that near us." she says shrugging of the rejection. Giving her a sarcastic smile i  can immediately tell that i will not like her.

"well aren't you just lovely." i comment causing curly to squeeze my knee harshly but it only makes me smile more , I'm really going to have to tell him I'm ticklish otherwise people are going to think I'm mad smiling whenever i get touched.


"shut up everyone here hates you i mean look at you." she spits looking proud of her insult but her snarky smile soon fades as i quickly come up with a come back.

Looking down at my chipped nails i make sure to keep eye contact as people always back down and get intimidated when i do so and it works,

"well i don't hate you I'm just not necessarily excited about your existence." i say and people around the table laugh and i even see Harrys lips twitch up . Huffing she sinks down in her seat but i just ignore and turn to the man on my left who doesn't seem that bad. He has what i would call brown puppy dog eyes that are really sparkly while mine are just a really icy blue. He has short brown has and stubble and looks a bit older than me if your wondering my age is twenty two.


"hey what's your name?" i ask  nudging his elbow. Flicking his head to me he gives me a wary smile and i see harry stop his conversation with James and bobby who are already watching me , its honestly like I'm famous but i do not like the attention. I just want to go home, i don't have friends back at my camp but every single one of them is like family to me i just make sure not to get attached to them. I only have one person who i know  has taken a place into my heart and that Zac . He has always ben there for me and i him , we grew up together and he was there for me when each and everyone of my family died and i love him for it. We did try and date when we were eighteen but it was more of a brotherly and sister love so we just stayed best friends . I'm snapped out of my thought by the lad next to me,


"I'm Liam , you've made quiet an impact here already i see." he comment . Nodding i go to reply only for harry to start talking. With a sour expression he pulls me out of my chair not giving me time to tuck it in and i see Liam give me a sympathetic glance before I'm pulled out side. What is it with him and dragging?


"what the hell i as talking to Liam!" i rage walking ahead of him not liking the feeling of being controlled. Its always been me that's had the choices and ruled the roost and i don't like this one bit. And it wont last forever either.






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