survival (h.s au)


rose is a cold hearted woman doing anything for survival , but when getting caught on one of her raids she didn't expect for her captor 'harry' to be ... so unlike her in more ways than one , but it all matters if she will ever be able to let her guard down and allow her to feel anything other than numbness.


2. confidence

hey everyone this is chapter 2 ! please comment and like hopefully i can update soon , byeee for now..


The little girl freezes upon seeing my arrival and looks like she has seen a ghost which to many i am. Her blonde little pigtails are neatly put back and blue eyes nearly identical to my own pierce back at me with fear. The man catches up and stops aswell and i let my eyes scan his features.

Long brown shoulder length curly hair , tall, muscly, tattoos nearly everywhere, and the most nicest pair of forest green eyes that are filled with hate now firing at me. Straightening his posture i can see that he has the stance of authority but it doesn't unnerve me one bit.



"what's your name ?"

i directly ask the little girl getting nothing but a whimper as she backs up to the curly haired man. Hmm i can tell kids aren't a fan of me either then. I see her petite body stiffen and following her gaze i see why. Tucking my small pocket gun and butcher knife securely behind my back i fold my arms across my chest and try to think what to do.


"what are you doing on my land?" i ask calmly now speaking to the male as I'm pretty sure the girl with burst into tears if i even try to approach her. I hear him sigh and his irises flickers to the left for a moment before training back on me.

"Lexi ran here while having a tantrum and i wasn't going to leave her here was i ?" he says rhetorically not seeming the least bit scared of this situation.

 Tying my long auburn hair back  with a old elastic band the man watched with wonder probably thinking why i haven't shot a 9mm bullet through his skull (yet.) To be fair it did cross my calculated mind but i really don't want to traumatize yet another child , who i can tell by the way she's trembling already knows who i am.(not today at least)

"which camp are you from?" i hiss suddenly losing my patience, walking boldly up to his face i grab hold of his collar cotton shirt making sure he has no access to the knife i can see in his back belt. Swiftly pulling it out i take a step back losing the smell of his overpowering cologne and mixed with strong cigar breath. His tired looking eyes widen once noticing the silver engraved weapon in my hands.


is engraved boldly right front centre of the clean weapon which holds not one stain just my muddy fingers prints of the pressure i didn't know i was putting on the item. Examining the item quickly put it along with my other weapons near my back , there's no way I'm missing out on something like that. Most of mine are rusted and they definitely haven't got my initials on , like how the hell did that happen? Might aswell have 'made in china' logoed on everything.

"right you have less than a minute to get out of here otherwise i wont hesitate to hurt one of  you got it ?"i announce confidently seeing his gaze flicker to were his knife was an emotion i cant dephine flicker over his feature before hardening. Sending me one last glare he easily picks up the little girl and runs off back through the woods out of my eye line,


Little did i know that i would see him again just not in the way i would expect and definitely holding no power.

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