Take me Away

Beware the wolves.


1. chapter one

The little girl was screaming.

She lay in the dark, huddled up in her pink bunk bed as the monster's shadow moved across the window and the curtains. Her parents had told her that when you see a wolf, you should stay silent, but that thought never even occurred to her.

The girl was number as the window smashed, shards of glass flying through the air. One just narrowly missed her foot.

The curtain was drawn back and the little girl squeezed her eyes shut. If she couldn't see it, it couldn't see her. That was the rules, wasn't it?

She felt a claw rake down her leg and she screamed, sitting bolt upright and trying to escape, but the beast was too strong. "Mine," the wolf snarled, as she was dragged out of her bed, screaming for her parents who were sound asleep next door.

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