My Life

This is a journal about my daily life, the bad and the good.
Hope you like it :)


1. 31 August 2016

31 August 2016


The day started like every other day. I got woken up at 6 am, to get my medicine (I get medicine for my ADHD). I'm really not a morning person, I didn't want to wake up, but I got up, got ready for school, ate my breakfast, almost didn't make it to the schoolbus. I really hate my class, so going to school isn't really my favorite thing to do. But I do have some good friends, but I always feel like they don't like me, and I'm pretty sure my class don't me at all. (They say I'm to negative, but how the hell can I be positive when don't give me any reason to be?)


School starts at 8. Wednesday starts of with science time two, and they where as usual really boring. (Because my teacher never let us do any fun stuff). The break in between the second and third class is 30 minutes long, but all I do is play on my iPad while listening to music. Next up we have biology, same boring teacher (She is a good enough teacher, but she is pregnant, and boring, so...). Next class history. I hate history, mostly because I have a mean teacher. He thinks that every thing have to be done perfectly, no mistakes. And then 45 minutes lunch break. Again I just play on my iPad, nothing interesting. Now the worst class EVER, P.E. we had to run, but my knee huts so I couldn't. What happens now kinda ruin the rest of my day.


Since second grade (I was 9 back then, and now I'm in 8 grade, so I'm 14) This bitch (Let's call her Ashley, I don't wanna use her real name) kept talking to this guy, that I'm really good friends with (And no I don't like him, he's just my friend) And this girl has a history of taking all of my friends away from me (Once she faked that she was suicidal thinking just to try and take my friends away from me, but she lost) And it just ruined my day, because she is one of the reasons I'm so insecure about myself (Her and my anxiety) But the worst thing is that I honestly believe that she actually can do it. Well I told my friend about my it (Let's call her Lilly) But I'm still scared.


After all that drama in my head, the next class started. English. We had to read a book, and I took the most difficult one (I'm not actually from England or and english speaking country, but I am 25% english) So I read the first chapter, before school ended. I have to take the schoolbus home, and then walk about half a mile. When I came home I just relaxed until I had to go again. I dance every Wednesday (I started last week). And after that, I did this, I wrote the first chapter of this journal. 


I really hope you liked it :)

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