My life story

This is the full true life story of me. Not much I can say about my story other that. I hope you guys all enjoy my life.


1. Introduction

            Hi. I'm Draven. Or you guys may know me by my other online aliases such as Coyote5102 (PS3) or Coyote5102 (Xbox One). Some of you guys might know me personally. Not many people do since at least half of them are online, but I do have friends in real life that I didn't meet online. So don't worry about that. I also have my family. Can't forget them. Also, just so you guys know, I'm a freshmen in high school.


My family is important to me. I might not be as important to them, but I hope I am. My family doesn't always trust me as well as they should because of how I "act". Even though I'm a pretty good kid. Sometimes I even feel excluded from the family because what the do to me & how they make me feel. I'm not very important that I see. But, since I forgot to name my family earlier in the paragraph, I'll start now. So my parents got divorced 6 years ago. So when I was in between third and fourth grade. My mom, Amanda, is now recently and happily engaged to Bret, my soon to be step father. Now my dad, Corey, is also recently engaged to Angel, my soon to be step mother. I also have a sister named Destiny who is a Sophomore in high school and a little brother who is in an early learners program at daycare.


My friends on the other hand, are always there for me. I moved to a new place last summer, aka to my mos house, and started my eight grade year with only a few friends. They introduced me to other friends who I always hung out with. Their names are Kaitlyn, Lucus, Matt, & in my opinion, my best friend ever, Katie. She had been my crush ever since my friend, Matt, introduced us. I met Matt at my moms house after she first moved away after the divorce. So, long story short, I've been a close friend of Katie for 6 years on the date of July 26th, 2016. I've liked her for a long time.


That was the brief introduction of my life. The next chapter will start in Kindergarten. You don't have to read the rest of this, but if you do, please comment any thoughts that you had. Positive or negative.



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