Revilo Ronaele

The small Kingdom of Revilo Ronaele is a place of tranquility and safety, the people are happy, but they haven't always been like that. The residents had to flea from their war-torn home of Thorpeness-Hythe, whilst searching for a place of safety the people elect a cloth merchant and his wife as their King and Queen. Together they set up home on a deserted part of the world no one has ever been to before. It is here the King and Queen create a perfect world for their people to live in, in peace and harmony.
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7. Duke Philip

“He has said what exactly?” Philip demanded sitting bold upright.

“Forgive me you most royal Highness, but your brother is announcing that he was wrongly removed from the line of succession,” the messenger repeated one too many times than he would have liked.

“Oh good Lord, please give me the strength not to murder him,” he sighed.

“He also says Sir that he wishes to challenge you to some kind of duel, I am assuming,”

“Of course he is. Tell me, good messenger, you have heard what they call the House of Oz?” Philip asked leaning forwards a little. The messenger shifted uncomfortably.

“No Sir, I have not,”

“Oh please, they call it the Bastard House for a reason; it is because he clearly is not my King’s son, that means my dear Queen must have begged for him to be kept close to her at court and his Majesty clearly granted his permission to stay, keeping in mind he did not try to change the line of succession, now the Bastard has gone back on his word and I will have to kill him!” he sighed.

“Darling,” Grace, Philip’s wife entered his throne room. She saw her husband was distressed and went to his aid. “Whatever is the matter?”

Philip dismissed the messenger, telling him to relay the information to the King at once, and then he told Grace what had happened.  

“Oh dear,” she said once Philip had finished talking. “What an awful thing for poor Stephanie to go through, what with the baby on the way.”

“I do not want to have to kill him Grace,”

“I know, I know darling,”

“Then what am I to do?” he demanded.

“Do not think about another thing until word has come from his Majesty advising you what to do on the matter, leave the decision up to your Father, then you will feel no guilt if you must fight with Benjamin,”

“He is my brother, it is my duty to protect him and see to it that he is well looked after, I cannot do that if he is killed by my own hand,”

“Please, do not think about it now, let us wait until we receive word from Elinver,”

“Alright, but I will kill him, if I need to,”

“I know you will do what is right for our people,” she said softly.

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