Try Me

They don't get along. At all. What happens when they're paired up for a stupid school project? Read to find out.

Disclaimer! I Don't Own Any Of The Pictures Used Unless I Say In The Chapter Somewhere.


5. Character Bio: Justin Leonard Grove

Age: 18
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Green
About: Actually a really nice guy. He is the one that doesn't really care for drama. He's not friends with Adeline but he doesn't hate her. They've never actually spoken directly. He really likes her friend... Julia is it? Yeah, he thinks she's pretty cool. Not afraid to speak for herself. Exactly what he likes in a girl. Blake would never allow it though. He doesn't want anyone that has to do with Adeline around.
Quote: "Do you think Adeline would mind introducing me to Julia? I'd like to officially meet her."


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