Try Me

They don't get along. At all. What happens when they're paired up for a stupid school project? Read to find out.

Disclaimer! I Don't Own Any Of The Pictures Used Unless I Say In The Chapter Somewhere.


7. Character Bio: Anna Marie Scott

Age: 17
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Brown
About: One of Sammy's 'minions.' She's pretty smart, does all of her work, doesn't come from a very well put together family. Her only mistake was being dragged into Sammy's friend group. She likes Sammy, just thinks she's full of herself. She doesn't really get involved with anything Adeline related. She's kind of like the 'Justin' of the Trio. Her only goal is to graduate with out dying.
Quote: "Sammy's sweet. I promise, she just doesn't know how to go about her feelings when she's angry."


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