Try Me

They don't get along. At all. What happens when they're paired up for a stupid school project? Read to find out.

Disclaimer! I Don't Own Any Of The Pictures Used Unless I Say In The Chapter Somewhere.


9. Chapter 1

"Alright class, we're going to be doing a project with a partner!" My last hour teacher, Mrs. Franklin says entheusiastically. I smile and turn to Julia right as she says "And I'll be choosing your partners." Everyone groans and I sigh, shrugging and leaning back in my seat.

She starts listing of pairs and I zone out, the most I hear is that Julia gets paired with that Justin kid that's friends with Blake Moore. As long as I don't get him, I'm go-

"Adeline and Blake." Spoke too soon. My eyes widen and I look at her then to him to see him with the same expression. 

"Miss, there's been a mistake. I can't work with her." He protests. 

"And I can't work with him. He's impossible." I give her pleading eyes.

"I'm impossible? Try looking in a mirror next time you say that." He scoffs.

"How am I the impossible one? I do all the work anytime we're forced to work together and you sit there texting your girlfriend." I roll my eyes.

"Yeah. and that's who I should be paired with! Mrs. Franklin!" We both look to her.

"Oh hush up, all pairs are final. Deal with it." She gives us a warning look and we both sit back in our seats. "Now, the project is simple really. You have to get together and prepare a presentation on an emotion. What I mean by that is, that each of you are going to be assigned an emotion and you have to talk about what that emotion means. No internet research." She starts walking around and giving people papers with an emotion written on it. She hands ours to me and I slowly open it. 

"What?! Mrs. Franklin!" 

"Don't complain. It might help you too. You never know." She smiles and walks to her desk. "Get together and figure out where you're meeting." 

"So. What's our stupid emotion?" Blake walks over, sitting across from me.

I look at him with slight rage and show it to him. "Love."

That was awful. I'm sorry you guys. I'm also not gonna give too much background as to who is who in the story itself because most of it is in the Character Bios. I hope you enjoyed!

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