The Time Turner That Was Never Destroyed(DISCONTINUED)

this is an entry for the cursed child compitition... so plz read, coment, like and fav!


11. tory's incident

i looke up as if i could see my hair, i saw small bits. it was

perfectly normal."what! my hair is perfectly normal tory."

i told her. she giggled. lily bagrged in once again. she

giggled."JAMES!!!!!!" she looked slightly anoyed. "mum

and dad are waiting in there personal chambers. what

were you doing to the poor girl anyways." she turned to

tory. "hello my name is lily potter sorry for james, he's

quite dumb you see he's sadly my oldest brother." lily

told tory. "its okay my name is victoryia snape, i was

having fun with james actually. just a fair warning if

you call me victoryia, any of you, i will curse you in

 oblivtion." i nodded. and turned around. i smirked.

 i waited for lily to leave than before leaving myself,

i spoke up,"see you later victoryia!" i said and walked

out to see mum and dad. i heard her call me back but

i ignored her. "james sirus potter! come here right this

instant!"  she repeted over and over again yelling. she

chased me to mum and dad's personal chambers. i

could hear her even when i was inside. "hi honey!"

mum said. "don't call my honey!!! my name is james!"

i whined. dad walked in. "oh! the girl i just let in called

you by tour full name." dad walked by me, and smiled to

himself. "mum!!!!! help me!!!!" i whined. she shoke her

head no. tory jumped on me and takled me to the ground.

she sat on top of me in front of mum. she pointed her wand

at my neck. "WHAT DID YOU CALL ME?" she asked. "tory"

i mumbled. she whispered something,"titillare ad mortem"

she got off me me and skiped away.

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