The Time Turner That Was Never Destroyed(DISCONTINUED)

this is an entry for the cursed child compitition... so plz read, coment, like and fav!


14. quiddich

the next morning people i saw were still lagughing and whipering

stuff about my hair. i promise if i find out who is the start of this

prank... well nobody probably wants to know... i grabbed some

toast and left the great hall, i couldn't stand the giggles. I walked

out of the hall and entered the coman room. I got out some

parchment and ink to do my potions essay, than i relized, there

is a up coming quidditch mach soon so we the team needed to

practice, the problem was that we needed to do tryouts since

nymphadora (the second) lupin (teddy lupin named his daughter

after his mother, the mother was Victoire lupin nèe weasley)

swiched with Tory. so nympadora our keeper left for drumstang,

also Albus, was one of our chaser when he was forced into

grifindor, and the other chaser never came back after the

holidays, so that means i need to get a new set team. I made

a notice for tryouts today at 7pm. i posted it up on the notice

board and started on my potions essay. i wrote a one foot long

essay about andromidia, the love potion. when i was done i

glanced over at the colck, i saw rose with someone but i let

that be. she was in the dark corner and i could only see her

back. i stood up and rolled up my essay i sterched for a bit at

ended up seeing she was with malfoy, scorpius malfoy. uhh!

out of all people she could be with she chose malfoy! i think

im the only real potter here. i stalked out of the comman room

and headed to transfiguration. i sat down and glanced over to

my side. i shoke my head, rose was missing, i think she was

skipping class to be with the malfoy. i turned my atention to my

left wrist where i could still she small slits. i raised up my left

hand and sucked on the slit, fresh blood was still coming out.

i drank a little then put my hand down when i heard the teacher

say we were getting a pop quiz today. i covered my wrist using

my robes, nobody could know that i cut myself for whatever

reason. i took out my quill and ink and started on the quiz.

**time skip to quidditch tryouts**

like usually every year, there were loads of people behide each

quiddich position. i shoke my head. i only said for keeper,

chasers, beaters. not seekers because thats me. i walked

over to the seeker line. i heard giggles. "OKAY THATS IT!


LIKE ALWAYS ITS BROWN!" I yelled. silence came over the



left from all the lines now there were about 20 beaters, 15

chasers, and like 17 keepers. evreyone played and i picked

my top five for each. after about a hour i told evreyone to

clear off. the nodded and left. i went to my diomatory and

got out parchement, a quill, and ink. i wrote down my top

five for each and posted it up on the notice board. they

would all meet me at the pich tomorow 5am sharp if they

wanted to be on my team. i got an early sleep. 










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