The Time Turner That Was Never Destroyed(DISCONTINUED)

this is an entry for the cursed child compitition... so plz read, coment, like and fav!


5. letter to aunt heromione and uncle ron

dear aunt heroimone and uncle ron,

i miss you very much and sorry of not sending any letters. i was

wondering i asked uncle george for permision to spend the march

break with him at the shop, could you try to ask dominuque to

come as well, i really miss her at hogwarts, its been three years

and i have only seen her on the summer break for this past three

years. i really miss setting of pranks with dominuque all over

hogwarts and messing up pepoles things... ah... the old days. i

am sure the invitation is also open to all the weasleys and potters

well all kids family.

 aunt heromione, do you have any good study tips other than sit in

a library read the text book and DON'T fall asleep? if you do i would

be very great full because i want to get ahead on my work as exams

are up soon.

uncle ron, have any good ways to avoid troble? i havn't been in much

trouble but i think i might just start some trouble up later on this year,

without dominuqe hogwarts has been quite boring. causing some

trouble will bring some life into hogwarts like when you and aunt

heromione, and dad were here.

write back soon, miss you loads,

                                                     james sirus potter.

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