The Time Turner That Was Never Destroyed(DISCONTINUED)

this is an entry for the cursed child compitition... so plz read, coment, like and fav!


2. i got in troble again

like usual after this was done i went to the great hall and rose atended

her classes, i would eat. this time the headmisstress was there. "mr. potter

, what made you do it this time?" she asked. "do what?" i played the

innocent card."put the weasley wizard weezies in pockets of the first

years and watched them go to the hospital wing?" "well...." i started.

my younger sister lily ran in.rose must have sent her. " james! where

have you been?! iv been looking all over for you! i need help studying

for my potions test, and your good. can you help?" the headmistress

gave a nodd."potter, im letting you of this time but never again." and

with that lily grabed my hand and we ran out."what really made you do

it this time?" lily asked. "well i was in divination and i got mad so i skiped

the rest of class with rose. we got board and its been a while since iv seen

little kids run to the hospital wing so..." she nodded. "i wont be able to save

you evrey time you know." she reminded me. i rolled my eyes. "yha, i know,

i know" i told her. i brought her up to my room and opened my trunk. "can i

show you somthing?" she nodded. "you have to keep it  secret." she nodded.

I pulled parchment from my trunk. "What is this rubbish?" She asked me when

i handed it to her. "What is this rubbish?!" I said in mocking surprise. "I solomly

swear i'm up to no good." I said and used my want to tap the page. "Wow!" Lily

said in aw as a whole map was created. "Your birthday gift..." I said sheeply.

"Oh thanks james!" Ahe said and hugged me. "This foot prints show you where

evreyone is so you can spy on them. If they vanish that means the have gone

ether of hogwarts grounds or they went to the room of requirement. Oh and

when your done tap the map and say 'mischief managed' you don't want anyone

to see it" lily nodded and hugged me again. "Okay now shoo you need to do

your homework too!" We both laughed as she walked out. I chilled on my bed.

Than i remembed i had a room mate... i got up and started thinking of who to

write to, mum and dad, uncle george, and aunt heromione and uncle ron. there

i decided. i sat down wishing i could spy on the headmisstress, got some parchment

and started writing to mum and dad first.

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