One Night with the King

Yunho is a cold hearted King, who likes to go into people's homes and collect their children; just so he could sleep with them. But, that was all about to change when he met Jaejoong. A poor carefree teenage boy, who sells his body for a living. Yunho was supposed to be cold hearted, but after meeting Jaejoong for the first time his heart skipped a beat. And right at that moment, it was love at first sight. Can this cold hearted King really be in love? Or is he just trying to get into Jaejoong's pants?

Seunghyun is second in line for being King. He's not as cold like his brother Yunho. At first sight he fell in love with Jiyong and so did Jiyong but, how can their love last when Seunghyun's brother doesn't approve? Only time will time as the story goes on.


4. Meeting the mother and coming home

Jaejoong hasn't seen his brother for days now and he's been really worry. Yunho told him that his brother was fine and he shouldn't be worrying over it, but should he really trust Yunho after all he's been through? And worst of all he just met this guy a few days ago...

"What are you thinking about Jaejoong?" A voice ask from behind him, making him to jump up out of fears. When he turn around he saw it was just Yunho, taking a deep breath he said "my brother". Hearing that Yunho tense up a bit because he was one of the reasons Jaejoong's brother left.

"Don't worry about it too much" Yunho said with a forced smile "I told you your brother is fine". With all the reassurance from Yunho, Jaejoong was still worried.

"Jaejoong I..." Yunho was trying to tell Jaejoong something when a maid came into the room and interrupted them. "Sire, your mother is here" she said and quickly left the room. 

'Noted. That maid is going to be fired' thought Yunho. Because no one can get in between him and Jaejoong, especially when he was trying to get closer to him. Plus, he hates  his mother. 

"Jaejoong wait here and if you hear anything just stay in the room, ok?" ask Yunho and Jaejoong only nodded his head. Closing the door to his room Yunho when to meet his mother.


"Yunho son...oh how I've missed you" his mother greeted as she ran over to him and pull him into a big hug.

'Liar. You didn't miss me at all'.

"How are you son? Oh and I heard you got a new plaything, can I see it?" she ask with a cheerful smile, soon regretted  what she said when Yunho sent her a scary glare. "He's not a plaything" Yunho growls out between his teeth.

"He?" his mother ask with confusion writing on her face. "Yes mother a 'he' and you're not taking him away from me" he said with hated written all over his face. His mother is the number one reason why Yunho started to sleep around with anyone he could get his hands on. But she didn't stopped there, every time she feels  Yunho getting close to someone, she would take them and send them far away from him. 

'But not this time' thought Yunho. 

"Can I see him" she ask flatly with no emotion what so ever. "NO" yell Yunho.

"Give me one reason why I can't see the person  who is making you to act rudely towards me? Huh? I'm your mother I have the right to know who you sleep with and what happens here" "no you don't because he's MINE and if you try taking him away from me, I swear mother I'll make you regret it" yell Yunho just as loud at his mother.

"Oh please, like you would do anything this time. You didn't do anything the first time so why would you now? And why can't I see him? Is he that poor that you're afraid I wouldn't approve? I bet he's just some slut from the street. Let me guess...he seduce your poor little heart into caring again? I thought you can never love? Or is he really that good in bed?". 

Now she has taken it too far "I. Don't. Need. Your. Approval. To. Love. Anyone" Yunho growls through this teeth. Right then he finally realize  that what he was doing to his brother love life was wrong. So wrong. He was acting like the one thing he hated the most. His mother.

"He's not a slut and I don't care if he's poor or not because I-I-I" he was saying, but his mother cut in "YOU WHAT? See you can't even say it now, can you?". 

"I love him, ok. I know I just met him a few days ago, but for some reason he can't get out of my mind and heart" he said. This was all new to him because this was the first time he has really open up to someone. Nonetheless, admitted to loving them. All these so called lovers from the past were nothing like Jaejoong.


"Oh boo you. You never loved anyone and you sure don't love this person".

"That's enough mother, you can leave now" Yunho calmly said, but of course his mother didn't leave. "I'm not leaving until I see this slut" she said, turning toward Yunho room.

When she got to the door she was about to open it, but instead it was open from inside by someone else. *Boom* The door hit her so hard in the face that she lost herself into unconsciousness as she fell to the floor.

"What's happening?" ask Jaejoong as he slowly step out of the room not noticing the body that was now on the floor. 

"Oh I could just kiss you right now!" Yunho said happily as he went over to Jaejoong side. "What's stopping you?" Jaejoong surprise himself and Yunho with his answer, but nonetheless Yunho give in and kiss him. The kiss was nothing like Yunho had imagine. Yes he had imagine this happening, but he never thought it would be happening sooner than he expected.

When their lips met it was like the 4th of July all over again. With the fireworks displaying in the sky beautifully. As the kiss when on, Jaejoong could feel his tragic past slowly disappearing with every open mouth kisses. For Yunho, his heart spoke to him for the first time in years.

The kiss was soft, but yet so passionate. Their lips modded together like two pieces of the same puzzle. Like Adam and Eve, but different because their love was forbidden.

'If this is a dream, I don't want to wake up from it
I'm nothing without your lips on mine
My soul longs to be around you
My heart beats louder whenever I'm with you
When I smile
I smile for you
When I laugh you're the reason why
Let's not wake from this wonderful dream, my love
My heart is forever yours...


When they finally pull apart from the kiss, they rested their foreheads together and breathe in each other scents. For minutes they were both mind blown by what just happened. Minutes later, they lift up their heads and begin to stare into each others eyes. 

Their eyes screams mysteries, hurt, pain, tragedy, lust

Their intimacy was soon interrupted by Yunho's mother. She look furious as she spat out "you pick that slut over your own mother?". Jaejoong was shock by seeing the old hag looking woman getting off the floor. 'How did she get there?' He question himself, but he didn't have any time to put two and two together before he was slap hard across the face. 

She might have been an old woman, but man could she slap. The slap sent Jaejoong flying to the floor...metaphorically of course. 

"OUT. OUT!" Yunho shouted at his mother. "You can't kick me out, I'm your mother!" she shouted back and Yunho sent the deadliest glare he could ever make at her. "I've never had a mother. Now leave or I will make you regret ever coming to see me" with that said he turn and move towards Jaejoong's side.

"You're going to regret this slut!" she pointed her index finger at Jaejoong and angrily she left. Her foot steps echoing off into the distance.

"I'm sorry Jaejoong" Yunho rushes over to Jaejoong's side, he gently kiss his forehead as he whispers sweet nothing into his ears.

"I'm really sorry Jaejoong" he apologizes  again. "Don't be sorry Yun..." hearing his name coming from Jaejoong mouth for the first time causes his heart to speed up. There was no mistaking it that he was in love. "Don't be sorry, it's not the first time I've been slapped in the face" Jaejoong said.


On a cool and raining day in the Kingdom of Tohoshinki, a man stood in front of the palace with a sad expression on his face. He slowly made his way into the palace, but was stop by the guards.

"I'm sorry, but I'm afraid we can't let you go any further" one of the guard said. "I came to see Seunghyun" the man said. "Sir I can't let you past without any invitation saying you're allow here". The man was getting ready to leave when he hears a familiar voice calling his name.

"Jiyong?" when the man turn around to see the person calling his name, he fell in love all over again. Seeing Seunghyun again trigger his tears and he started to cry, now he regretted ever leaving.

"I-I came back" he simply said as he step into the palace to see Seunghyun more clearly. Seunghyun too was in tears, he hasn't had any proper sleep since Jiyong left. He's just been so depress. As Jiyong got closer to Seunghyun he open his mouth to say something, but was silence by Seunghyun's lips on his. 

When their lips met, more tears started to roll down their cheeks. The kiss alone slow everything around them, that's how passionate it was. They were in their own world.

"I love you Jiyong, please don't leave me again?" Seunghyun sadly said as he pull away from Jiyong lips.



A familiar man walk into Tohoshinki's number one best brothel and smile. Everyone's attention was on him as he slowly made his way over to a boy sitting behind the bar counter  of the bar. The man was drop dead gorgeous. Everything on him screams rich. His  gorgeous face made women to lose themselves because all they wanted is to lay at his feet and beg him to take them. Men too wanted to have him, but he only has his eyes on one price and the person was no other then Luhan. One of the bartender at the brothel.

"A glass of your finest wine and a taste of your lips" the man smile at the bartender, but as always he was annoy. That's one of the why he wants this fine young man because he was the only person to not care about his look and wealth. 

That he like...a lot.

"Not in the mood Sehun" the bartender said still not caring who he was. "Oh, but today I'm not going anywhere with out my order" he smirk at Luhan. "You wish" said Luhan and Sehun thought...

 'Yes I do. Every time I think of kissing you'.

'A black shadow awakens in me
Fireworks erupt in my eyes when I see you
Everyone get away from his side
because I'm getting a bit more ferocious
I growls
If you don't get away, you might get hurt' (Growl by Exo)

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