One Night with the King

Yunho is a cold hearted King, who likes to go into people's homes and collect their children; just so he could sleep with them. But, that was all about to change when he met Jaejoong. A poor carefree teenage boy, who sells his body for a living. Yunho was supposed to be cold hearted, but after meeting Jaejoong for the first time his heart skipped a beat. And right at that moment, it was love at first sight. Can this cold hearted King really be in love? Or is he just trying to get into Jaejoong's pants?

Seunghyun is second in line for being King. He's not as cold like his brother Yunho. At first sight he fell in love with Jiyong and so did Jiyong but, how can their love last when Seunghyun's brother doesn't approve? Only time will time as the story goes on.


2. Meeting the King

You should already know(so I'm not going to warn you again. It's rating m for a reason)

Ever since Jaejoong's mother threw him out of the house, he's been living on the street and selling his body. From town to town and city to city, as he made his way to Tohoshinki Kingdom.  His struggles was hard on the way. Men after men and women after women, it seems to not end. 

When he finally got to the kingdom, he decided to go look around to find his next meal ticket. Walking around for hours in an unknown place, he came across the finest brothel and decided to go in. Who knows, maybe this could be his chance to get some money. Unknown to him, the King of Tohoshinki was going to makes an unexpected appearance. Maybe it would be faith if they met or maybe another tragedy for Jaejoong.

Opening the door to the brothel, he slowly made his way to the bar. He eye the people in the room to see who's the 'wealthy' and who's the 'trash'. He's learned his lesson to never sleep with a person who don't have much money to take care for themselves, nonetheless others. He smirk a bit when he notice how deadly the room when, went he first enter.  Wanting to put on a little show for everyone, he make sure that he sway his hip just right so everyone eyes can follow his ass. And of course it work. Everyone in the room was not starting at him with lustful eyes as they drool over him. Men and women was getting ready to jump him at any moment, but he play his cool by just pretending he didn't notice a thing. 

When he got to the bar, he asks the bartender, "who's in charge of this place?". The bartender wasn't really in the mood, so he turn around angrily ready to talk 'shit' to Jaejoong. When Jaejoong face came into focus the bartender blushes, he's angry now out the door. He couldn't believe that someone as sexy as Jaejoong came to the brothel with on one to calm him as his. Seeing the bartender reaction Jaejoong smirk and cheer in his head 'victory'.

He took a little peak to see if everyone eyes were still on him, and they were.'To what great to length will people go just to sleep with me?' he question himself, but as always he didn't know the answer. People want him just for his body and so they never pay attention to his heart, which hurt the most.

"S-sorry what was your question again?" the bartender ask shyly. That was another part of Jaejoong charms that he use to his advantage. People always seems to forget what they were thinking or saying everything he's in a room. "I just wanted to know who was in charge of this place" he said and lick his lips, the bartender and everyone in the room lick theirs too. He was just that tempting. "Oh he's in that corner  over the"  he said and pointed his index finger to a good looking man sitting in the left corner of the brothel.

'Thank you. Oh and what's your name?' Jaejoong ask with a almost evil smirk playing at his lips. 

"C-Changmin" the bartender said trying his best not to stutter, but he failed. "S-Shim C-Changmin"  he stutter out as  his face slowly turn red as a tomato.

'Nice to meet you S-Shim C-Changmin. Hope to see you around again' he teases and made his way to the person in the corner.

When he got closer to the person, he notice that they look familiar. Taking few more step he stop, he couldn't believe his own eyes. There in the left corner of the brothel stood his brother with a 'happy andsad' look on his face. As Jaejoong got closer and closer, he couldn't contain his emotion any longer so he let the tears that were threatening to come, fall.

"Jiyong is that you? Oh how I've missed y-' he stops in his track when the door to the brothel was violently open.

There in all of his glory stood a man with the deadliest and coldest expression a person could ever wear on his face with lots of soldiers behind him. When Jaejoong and this mystery man eyes met, the world around them change completely. Something was in the air, but sadly they didn't know yet.


At the start, you were sweetly, naturally attracted to me
You stepped up to me and told me it would forever be like that
All the possibilities, opened up Oh~

Jaejoong couldn't seems to want to tear his eyes away from the mysterious man who just enter the room. Weird part was the man too, seems to be frozen in his spot. They were both lost in each other gaze.  The man gaze was so strong for Jaejoong so he broke the state first, but he was still affected by it as he began to shiver under it. Unfreezing himself the man slowly mast his way over to Jaejoong. Closer and closer he advances at Jaejoong with a look of lust and thirst in his eyes. He was thirsty for something and he wasn't going to leave with out it. As the man got closer, Jaeojoong quickly took some protective steps backwards. This he had learned too. When someone is coming your way with lustful eyes, it's always best to get out of the way. 

What is love? What! It's now meant by the Red Ocean
I'm breakin' my rules again, you know it's getting boring
Even if you're hurt a bit, it's okay Oh~

Seeing his reaction, the man stop in his foot steps and stare at him as he slowly lick his bottom lip. His predator instinct kicking in.

'He loves it when his prey runs from him'.

Smiling evilly to himself, he told his soldiers to grap Jaejoong. Jaejoong was about to make a run for it, but it was too late. He was caught in his predator net. Walking over to Jaejoong, he gently let his fingers touch Jaejoong skin and said "For once I'm going to enjoy myself because I've found something so..." he pauses and thought about what to say next. "Beautiful"  he finish. That one word that came out of his mouth, brought a wave of emotion over he and Jaejoong body. Two different people from different backgrounds seems to have one thing in common. They both starve for love.

You want me, You've fallen for me, You're crazy over me
You can't escape I got you- Under my skin
You want me, You've fallen for me, You're crazy over me
You're my slave, I got you under my skin

His body were shaking from what the man call his, but at the same time his heart was dancing on cloud nine. No one has ever called him beautiful without wanted something out of it. 'What do I do know? Should I give myself freely to him, only to be hurt again? Or should I just play the lone wolf who just want to survive?' he ask himself. Nonetheless, it was too late because the man had him right where he wanted him. 'Under his skin'.

"Guards bring his" the man turn to leave, but Jaejoong ask his one question. The question that he may soon regret. "Wait...before you take me, please let me at least say goodbye to my brother?' he said hopefully. His eyes shining with hope as he stare up into the man eyes. "No, you're mine now" the man growl out at him. Jaejoong stop in his tracks as he look up into the man face and what he saw there causes him to tremble with fear. Fear of the hurt of pain. Fear for the tragedy that had occurred. Fear for the terrible memories that still hunts him today. Memories from his past that children shouldn't have experience begin to come back. They were coming back faster and painful. He fell to the cold floor as he begins to cried out in pain. Painful memories  from his past.


"You're mine now Jaejoong, no one will ever save you" his stepfather whisper into his ear as he thrusts his member roughly into Jaejoong. 'No please. Please, I will do anything you want. Please not this' he cry out from how painful his stepfather's thrusts were. "Shut up whore" the man smirk and slaps Jaejoong across the face, drawing blood. "You're mine" he said thrusting over and over into a thirteen years old Jaejoong body. 'Please' he beg, but of course his stepfather didn't stop. This went on over and over again until Jaejoong passes out, but it didn't end there...

Flashback ends**

The piercing stare that burrows into your head
It's not me, my still chrome heart
It's the road you chose Oh~

Running through your veins, flowing through you are millions of my crystal
Finally it has started, the end of my metamorphosis
Isn't this also love? Oh~

"Please make it stop" Jaejoong said screaming in agony his body and mind crying out of help. But sadly help was not there, not today. Please, just make it stop' he cry out again as another memory begin to flash in his head.


This one was the worst of them all. This one happened when Jaejoong was only five years old. Jaejoong lost his father and not even one month later his mother got remarried. While he and his brother cried about getting their father back, his mother was either in her room having sex with her new 'husband' of her life or going out to party with friends. One day when his brother wasn't home, his stepfather offered to bathe him. Thinking that his stepfather was being nice by offering to bathe him, he quickly agreed.

When they got to the bathroom his stepfather eyes changes to something he couldn't figure out, but from what he saw in it he knew that it wasn't good. "What a fine thing, so beautiful and innocent" the man smile evilly as he look Jaejoong from head to toes. Since Jaejoong was only a little kid and couldn't fit anything bigger than two fingers into his ass, his stepfather just fingered him over and over again. But that started to change as he grew up, things got more physical.

Flashback end**

You want me, You've fallen for me, You're crazy over me
You can't escape I got you- Under my skin
You want me, You've fallen for me, You're crazy over me
You're my slave, I got you under my skin

Together with one time's kiss~ The day is fresh- a strong pull
The second kiss, your heart felt hot and about to explode
Yeah~ I got you! You know you got it!
Yeah~ Come on! Come on! I got you- Under my skin

Jaejoong couldn't stand the pain anymore so he passes out. His body lay on the cold floor lifelessly until Jung Yunho, the King of Tohoshinki Kingdom told his guards to take Jaejoong to his palace.

"Jiyong right?" Yunho ask pointing his finger over to Jiyong who was still frozen in his spot. Never moving an inch. "Yes s-sire" Jiyong answer. He felt ashamed, he's  been standing in the back watching the scenes play before his eyes, but since he was afraid to speak up he just stood back and watch. He didn't wanted to make life harder for what it was worth, even if it mean not seeing him again. It's always better to let Yunho take what he wants. "Follow along, my brother Seunghyun want to have a word with you" Yunho said coldly and not saying a word, Jiyong follow behind.

In your dreams I control you with my magic spells
You're once again yearning .. I got you- Under my skin
My devils ride, there's no more room for breathing, if that happens
How will it be to enjoy it now I got you- Under my skin
You want me, You've fallen for me, You're crazy over me
You can't escape I got you- Under my skin

You want me, You've fallen for me, You're crazy over me
You're my slave, I got you under my skin.

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