One Night with the King

Yunho is a cold hearted King, who likes to go into people's homes and collect their children; just so he could sleep with them. But, that was all about to change when he met Jaejoong. A poor carefree teenage boy, who sells his body for a living. Yunho was supposed to be cold hearted, but after meeting Jaejoong for the first time his heart skipped a beat. And right at that moment, it was love at first sight. Can this cold hearted King really be in love? Or is he just trying to get into Jaejoong's pants?

Seunghyun is second in line for being King. He's not as cold like his brother Yunho. At first sight he fell in love with Jiyong and so did Jiyong but, how can their love last when Seunghyun's brother doesn't approve? Only time will time as the story goes on.


3. Heartbreaks and Goodbye


When they entered the palace, Yunho told his guards to take Jeajoong up to him room. And with  that said he turn to Jiyong and ask coldly, "What have you done to my brother?". Shock by the question Jiyong just kept his mouth shut, he didn't wanted to make things worst by talking. "Answer me when I speak to you" Yunho yell angrily his voice full of hatred. He just doesn't understand why his brother will drag himself to someone

"Oh Yunho you're back" Seunghyun greeted his brother cheerfully as he exited his room and came toward his brother in the hall. As he took few steps toward his brother, he notice Jiyong. When their eyes met, it was like fireworks displaying on the Fourth of July. 

The sparks was still there, but at what cost?

"J-Jiyong" he couldn't believe his eyes. 'Maybe I'm seeing a ghost' Seunghyun thought to himself. After all these years he never thought Jiyong would have shown up when he called him to come. "Jiyong?" he said again. Even though Jiyong was standing in front of him, he still couldn't believe what he's seeing.

Without knowing it tears starts to fall from Seunghyun eyes as he look at Jiyong. He regrets everything he did and say to Jiyong, the last time they were together.

Which was two years ago.

"Brother, c-can you please excuse us?" Seunghyun ask Yunho as he try his hardest to avoid his brother cold glare on him. Yunho stand there for few seconds as he sent Jiyong some hateful glare before he left with without saying a word. 

Seunghyun waited few minutes for Yunho to be completely out of the room before he turn his full attention to Jiyong. "Jiyong I'm sorry please forgive me" Seunghyun apologize and slowly made his way toward Jiyong. As he was getting closer, Jiyong quickly took some steps backward. "Please Jiyong just hear me out ok? I said I was sorry" He beg, but Jiyong didnt give in. He didn't wanted to get hurt again like last time.

"Why should I forgive you? I trusted you! I even told you what happened to me in my past, but you still broke my heart like the others did" Jiyong shouted at his angrily and turn his back to Seunghyun. He was angry and heartbroken like before. 

'Why in the hell did I decided to come here anyway?' he ask himself as he started to take his leave.

"Jiyong please don't go. Jiyong, Jiyong I-I love you" Seunghyun said as more tears roll down his cheeks. He shouldn't have listened to his brother, when he told him that Jiyong was just using him for his money. Now he knew that it wasn't true, but who was he kidding? It was already too late. "I love you Ji, I really do. Please give me a second chance?" He pleaded with more tears rolling down his face. 

He was a fool. A fool in love.

When Jiyong hear that he stood frozen and give it a little though. 'Can he really love me this time? Will we ever be happy together?' he question himself. He couldn't decide what to do so he just lie instead. A lie that that would leave both for them brokenhearted again. But he didn't care, not this time because Seunghyun hurt him first. 

"I'm sorry Seunghyun, but I don't love you. I never did" he said coldly and ran out the palace. Deep down he his heart he knows he loved Seunghyun, but his fear of getting hurt again was too much. He didn't think he heart can survive another hurt. 

The pain was just too much for one to handle.

'I'm really sorry Jaejoong. I'm leaving you behind once again' Jiyong whisper to himself as he stare at the castle one last time.

'Goodbye my love'.


Flashbacks(JixJae mother pass)

Growing up in my family household wasn't as easy as you may think, especially when you're the only girl. I was always look at differently. People treated me different because I was a girl. My brother friends was what I hated the most. Every time they come over to my house, they act like they own the place. They always give me the look, the look that screams danger. From the beginning I knew the look they were giving me wasn't a good look, but who was I to pay attention to details? After all I was just a teenager. 

A teenager girl who has enough hormones to deal with.

One day my brother brought his friends home and I didn't like it. For some reason I got the leaving like something terrible was going to happen. Everything was going well, until my mother ask my brother to run some errands for her.  Taking this as a cue to leave, I headed for my room only to be stop by someone grabbing my left hand. 

"So you want to play a game with us?" one of them smirk evilly at me. 'Scary' I thought. "No thank you" I quickly said as I break away from his hold and head for my home again. I didn't get the chance to go any further when other boy grab both for my hands a spin me to the wall. 


"You're not going anywhere" one of them said angrily. "Please let me go" I beg, but it didn't work. I try calling out to my mother, but one of them put their hand over my mouth so I couldn't scream. "Hmm...hmm" I try screaming, but only murmuring sound was coming out. I fought for my life to be release, but I wasn't strong enough. I was young and wasn't that strong, so how was I suppose to fight three grown teenagers?

"Oh no you're not going anywhere, you're going to play with us like it or not" one of them spat out angrily at me. 'I should be the one getting angry you bastard. I'm the one getting molest here not you', I wanted to scream at them, but I couldn't speak because of the hand covering my mouth. 

Thirty years later and I still can't put into words what happened that day. Thinking back to those days always scar me. That thirty minutes my brother wasn't home and my mother was in the kitchen trying to cook up something to eat was one of the worst moment of my life. 

I told my brother what his friends had done to me, but as always he brush it aside by saying 'no one like a lying' or 'they're my friends, they wouldn't do something like that'. I try telling my mother too, but she also said 'they're boys, I think they were just playing around' or 'it was probably your imagination'. 

Imagination my ass. My life will never be the same again because of what they did to me.

It wasn't the first or the last time I was repeated molested by my brother friends. That's way I lashed out at my sons when they told me what had happened to them. I was reminded of my past and because of that, I when into shock and shouted terrible words out them. I didn't mean it at all, but when I woke up the next day, they were gone. I lost my Jiyong and just like that, I lost my little Jaejoong. I guess after all these years I took after the one thing I hated the most. My mother bad listening skills. Now it's too boys are gone and I'm left all alone.

*Flashbacks ends*


"B-brother?" Jaejoong call as he open his eyes slowly. He was happy to be reunited with his brother after all these years, but he didn't know where he was. When he was fully up he find himself in a big and beautiful room. The room was painted with a beautiful shades of yellow. In the corner was a big limb which made the yellow color painted room to look like gold when the light was turn on. "I'm not your brother" Yunho said trying so hard not to sound angry or give the wrong impression to Jaejoong. 'Who popped his bubbles' thought Jaejoong. "Where am I and where is my brother?" Jeajoong demanded as he quickly got out of bed and walked over to where Yunho sat.

"Don't worry your brother is...f-fine" lie Yunho. Of course Jaejoong brother wasn't fine, but what was he suppose to say?. Seunghyun had told him about what had happened between them. He was happy that Jiyong had left because now he can fine his brother someone decent to marry. 

"Really?" Jaejoong ask hopefully and Yunho was speechless for a second as he admire  how cute Jaejoong look.

'Damn how can someone look so damn cute without even trying?" Yunho ask himself as his heart begin to skip a beat little by little.

'Is this what true love really feels like?'

"Yes, I give you my word. Y-your brother is fine" Yunho lie once again. 

Lying seems to be the only thing he could do for Jaejoong right now.


I shouldn't have left like that, maybe I should have given Seunghyun a second chance. Now what was I going to do? I know my heart belong to him . I know that I'm his and he's my forever, but the way I left like that. Will he still love me again when I decides to go back and give him another chance? I know his brother hates me, but will he ever accept that I love his brother and Not just because he's rich. I'm not a gold digger who's looking for money. Am I even good enough for Seunghyun?

All these questions were flooding into Jiyong's mind, but he didn't have any answers to them.

Not yet anyway.

'Only time will tell when I decides to go back, but not yet. When all is right I will show up again, but not today'.

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