Sky Offices X Reader

(y/n) gets called to the offices, will you love your crush, or be embarrassed forever?


2. The Start

I used to live a normal life, everything was happy until my parents left me. I was 13, I could have moved in with relatives, but I was so scared I couldn't do that, they left me at an adoption centre and I was told they would come back. I'm now 18 and it has been 5 years, ( in case you,re not good at math!). I'm about to leave, but there is no point in crying, because my YouTube Channel with the name (y/y/t/n) is already at 10 million subscribers, and I'm leaving because the SKY OFFICES asked me to join them!!!! It all happened two weeks ago and the email was like this " Hi (y/n), Adam here, just going to ask you something big, would you like to join the Sky offices. As you might know, Barney recently moved into a different room so you have his old one here. If you want it of course. We need your talent and humorous ways here (even if we already have me!). If you decide you want to take us up on this offer, you will have two months to move here, and reply on this email account ** and put your number in too, if you have a phone, of course. We hope you take us up on the offer. Love from Adam and the offices." I am about to leave to the airport because we are in different states. ~Time Skip 4 hours~ Planes are really not my thing, after 15 years of being on them, I still can't do it. As soon as I got out of the airport, I was attacked into a handshake and a hug. "Hi (y/n), its so good to meet you." I heard Adam say. "You too Adam" I replied back smiling. "It's good to see you in person (y/n)" I heard Max say behind me, "You can not get any more creepy can you Max" I said turning around to see Red and Ross behind him. "Hi (y/n)" Red said smiling and waving, "Yeah, hi (y/n)" Ross said after Red. "Hi Red and Mr I'm To Cool To Say Hi Or At Least Be Happy." I said to them both. " Does he have initials?" Adam asked me, "How about Mr ITCTSHOALBH?" We started laughing while Ross looked angry. "Why are you taking her side, she is new?" Ross questioned the other boys. "Well I'm sure XxNarutoboyxX can explain!" "I don't play GTA with that name anymore!" Lol. I'm just standing laughing while the are all fighting. "What are you laughing at Ms I'm To Cool To Actually Make Up Good Names Or I'm Just Being Mean To Ross or Ms ITCTAMUGNOIJBMTR for short?" Ross asked me with a smile. " I-I'm l-l-laughing at how s-stupid you comebacks are" I answered stuttering because I was laughing so hard. " Ok, I'm sorry (y/n) it must be hard for you to stop attracting Ross with your cute laugh but we need to leave now" Max said. "Oh my gosh did he just say that?" "I did say that alright, don't be so shocked!" "Oh my gosh how does he know what I'm thinking?" "You whisper loudly, (y/n)" "Sorry guys" I answer already embarrassed.

We got in Ross' car and headed to the offices. When we got there, 20 minutes later, Adam showed me to my office and we got all my stuff set up. I have enough money from work to by all the recording stuff because the stuff that I used before was the adoption centres gear.

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