Beautiful |C.H|

She's a beautiful girl who thinks she could be any uglier.

Will one guy show her that she not


1. Pro-


I walked into my room. Breathing in the smell of my new house. My parents had dragged me here from California. Now I live in boring old Colorado.

I dumped my boxes in to my walk in closet. Which is too small for me. I pull out my phone and check my messages. One from my best friend Alex.

Alex: Hey bestie!! We all miss u over here. We hope you have a great time in Colorado. ;) See ya this weekend..XD

I smiled at the text message. Alex and I are supposed to be going to a 5 seconds of summer concert this weekend. It was the deal my parents made for making us move here. I toss my phone on the my bed. I walk to my bathroom which is connected.

I looked at my self in the mirror. And realize how horrible I look right now. All my life I've been called beautiful. In California I became a well known cover girl. Only then I realized that I wasn't beautiful. The amount of make up and editing they used made me beautiful. Not me. On Instagram many people would comment rude things and call me a disgrace tithe Latina community.

I was very behind on school. And my parents finally called it quits. When I began getting threats.

I looked at my self up and down. My black hair goes down to my chest. Just like my mothers before it turned gray from stressed and old age.

My brown eyes looked dull and the bags under it made it worse. Years of crying, and bullying will do that to a person.

I pulled my eyes away from the mirror. And started to unpack.

4 hours later my room was finally done apart from the clothes tossed on my bed. I walk down the stairs and greeted my boring old parents.

"Hello Gabriella" My father said as if he had the worst news to tell me.

"Erm.. Why'd you say hello like that??" I was almost afraid of his answer. He looked at my mother then back at me. "What? Tell me I can take it"

" Your mother and I have yet to find a job and we were thinking..." His voice trailed off he looked at me with a raised eye brow. What did he mean. Then it finally came to me

"No." I said "I'm not doing modeling again. No not ever" I said sternly.

"Can u please think about it.." My mother said quietly

"Whatever I can believe you guys.." I turned around and headed back up my stairs.



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