Fairy Tail: A Hero's Legacy

Katsu Dragsteel is a Flame Demon Dragon Slayer who is trying to be the best mage possible. He encounters Erza Scarlet, then his journey at Fairy Tail begins. He faces off with some of the powerful mages such as: Sting Eucliffe, Rogue Cheney, Jellal Ferndenaz, and some new faces in Magnolia. He faces other hard challenges in his way to the top, by exploring ancient ruins, ambushing an enemy guild, and many other things.


5. Ways of Strength

  Katsu is looking serious and Yuden is waiting for Katsu to attack him. Katsu lunges to attack Yuden, and then Yuden counters by dodging the punch and elbowing Katsu in the back of the neck and knees him in the face making Katsu back up. Katsu wipes his lip. 

 "Damn it. I should have seen that coming." Katsu mumbles. Katsu gets into his stance and attacks Yuden again, who counters again, but this time jumping over him and pulling his hair back and kneeing him in the back and slings him into the ground. Katsu gets back up. Yuden smirks at Katsu as he gets up. Katsu looks at the corner of his eye at Yuden. "What is this? I can't even land an attack." Katsu says. Yuden takes off his trench coat and throws it out of the battlefield. He has on a black long sleeve shirt.

 "Just face it boy, you have no chance of winning." Yuden says smirking. "I have the magic of countering any attack, you can't possibly win." Yuden says crossing his arms. 

 "I can win! Don't say I can't!" Katsu says getting angry.

 "I just did." Yuden says mocking Katsu. Katsu gets enough of Yuden talking and he rushes in to punch him and once again Yuden counters it. Katsu's face hits the ground. 

 "Katsu is getting killed out there!" Natsu says trying to get involved in the fight, but the others hold him back. "I have to help!" Natsu says. Katsu gets up and turns around. 

 "How many times do I have to tell you attacking me won't work." Yuden says. 

 "I'm going to find a way to defeat you, trust me, I will." Katsu says. He lights his fists on fire and he goes for a series of punches which Yuden counters them all. Katsu falls on his knees then when he falls down he puts his hands on the ground to keep him from falling. Katsu gets up once again. 

 "Just keep trying, all you're doing is making it worse on yourself." Yuden says smirking. Katsu spreads his legs and puts his arms near his mouth. A light bulb goes off in Natsu's head. 

 "He's doing the breath attack." Natsu says. "Yuden can't counter range attacks!" Natsu says. 

 "What did I tell you boy? You can't hit me." Yuden says getting ready to counter again. Katsu narrows his eyes and a spell appears. 

 "Neo Fire Dragon's Roar!" Katsu makes fire come from his mouth and it hits Yuden sending him into the wall. Yuden catches himself before he fell. 

 "Wh-What?! Impossible!" Yuden says in shock. Katsu smirks. 

 "What did I tell you? I'll win!" Katsu says making a purple flaming fire ball. "Its over!" Katsu yells. A spell appears behind Katsu and purple flames go around him. "Neo Fire Dragon Slash!" Katsu spins around making and flaming slash hit Yuden and it explodes making a hole in the wall and then the ground starts moving forward. Katsu stays were he is and his cheeks turn green. "G-guys." Katsu says trying to hold in a barf. Happy gets Natsu off the ground and the others run out of the ruins. Erza sees Katsu about to puke, she runs to him and puts him on her shoulder and runs out of the ruins while the rest of the ruins is still collapsing. Erza puts Katsu down and he pukes and everyone is in disgust. "I'm not gonna swallow puke." Katsu says looking dumbfounded at everyone. Snowy jumps out of Katsu's jacket and hugs him. 

 "I thought you was gonna get seriously hurt Katsu!" Snowy says hugging him. 

 "I wouldn't have gotten hurt Snowy, you know I always find a way to defeat a strong opponent." Katsu says smiling and hugging his buddy. 

 "Here is your jacket Katsu." Erza says handing him his jacket. Katsu takes it and puts it on. 

 "You did good Katsu." Natsu says. "You completed your first real quest!" Natsu says putting one arm around his neck and smiles big. 

 "Yeah you did it was wonderful how you figured out how to beat him." Lucy says. 

 "Yeah, you showed him whose boss." Gray says. They head back to the guild, and Katsu heads to the inn. 

 "Wow, our first quest that we had to defeat a evil mage, and I defeated him." Katsu says smiling. Snowy smiles. 

 "Yeah, you sure did!" Snowy says cheerfully. They walk into the inn and Yuki is cleaning as usual. She has some customers sitting either at a table and on the stools. People wave at Katsu. 

 "Hey Katsu, heard you joined Fairy Tail, and defeated an evil mage!" One man shouts out and starts clapping. Katsu smiles and he sits at a table with Snowy sitting on the table. Yuki walks over to the table and sits with them. 

 "I heard what you did today, and i'm very proud of you!" Yuki says hugging Katsu. Katsu smiles and hugs her back. 

 "Thanks sis." Katsu says. She smiles at him.

 "Its kinda weird i'm like your sis and your mother huh?" Yuki says giggling. Katsu crosses his arms and turns his head. She smiles at Katsu. Her eyes are gleaming and Katsu slightly smiles. 

 "You always do that smile to make me smile or blush." Katsu says smiling at her. 

 "I know it works, that's why." Yuki says smiling again. "I got to get back to serving the customers, i'll be back to chat with you more." She gets up and walks over to the counter, and Katsu looks at Snowy who is holding in a laugh. Katsu narrow his eyes at him and Snowy tries to not let it out. 


 Its night and all of Yuki's customers are gone and she walks into Katsu's room. 

 "So how was your day?" Yuki asks and she sits on his bed. 

 "It was good, all that happened was I defeated the evil mage." Katsu says. Yuki smiles.

 "I heard you did from one of the towns people, they came in and started yelling that he finally personally knows a Fairy Tail member and he just beat an evil mage." Yuki says. She giggles. Katsu smiles and then she smiles also. 

 "It was hard, but I managed to win." Katsu says. 

 "You always manage to win." Yuki smiles and then kisses his forehead and tells him goodnight. She walks out of his room and walks into her's. Katsu lays on the bed and thinks about what the next day can bring him. He soon falls asleep.

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