Fairy Tail: A Hero's Legacy

Katsu Dragsteel is a Flame Demon Dragon Slayer who is trying to be the best mage possible. He encounters Erza Scarlet, then his journey at Fairy Tail begins. He faces off with some of the powerful mages such as: Sting Eucliffe, Rogue Cheney, Jellal Ferndenaz, and some new faces in Magnolia. He faces other hard challenges in his way to the top, by exploring ancient ruins, ambushing an enemy guild, and many other things.


23. The Three Years Span Ends

 Its been three years since Katsu went to train with Zeref to become more stronger than he already is. At Magnolia the guild is getting ready for Katsu's return. Yuki has been training with Erza. She is wearing a armor similar to Erza's but its a shade of black. Her hair is pulled back in a ponytail. Yuki is excited to see how strong her brother has gotten. Natsu imagined Katsu with huge muscles, and Erza told him that she didn't think Katsu would be that muscular. Lucy laughed at the idea, and Wendy said that Katsu would probably be stronger than Lettie and Marzela. Lettie thought that Katsu would have very powerful magic, and Marzela said that Katsu might be as strong or stronger than Zeref. Makarov just slighting giggled at his guild members. Mirajane looks at Makarov. 

 "I never seen the guild ready to see one of their guild members return so badly. Its like Katsu was their sibling." Mirajane says. Makarov looks at Mirajane.

 "You have to look at it like this. That boy is as powerful as Natsu. Katsu made everyone happy, and he even cheered up Erza from time to time." Makarov says. 

 "Katsu is like a brother to us." Lucy says. She is in her celestial spirit mage outfit. "He means the world to us." Lucy winks and cutely giggles. Makarov smiles.

 "I knew Katsu was something." Makarov says. Everyone awaits Katsu at the front door.


 In the Temple of the four dragons Katsu and Zeref are standing inside the temple. Katsu has no shirt on and is wearing a cloth around his waist that covers half his legs. It is made like a skirt but for men. His hair is a bit long. He crosses his arms. 

 "The time for my return is here isn't it?" Katsu asks. Zeref nods. 

 "It is." Zeref says. He looks at Katsu. "You've become quite strong over these past three years." Katsu nods. 

 "I'm ready to fight Demigra." Katsu says. Zeref puts his hand on Katsu's shoulder. 

 "Your father is powerful. Don't let down your guard. If you do....You could die." Zeref says. Katsu nods in understanding. 

 "I know master. I won't let you down." Katsu says. 

 In the Underworld a person awakes from his sleep. His hair is purple. It is long like Gajeel's but with four strands covering his forehead. He has clothing that is like Zancrow's the God Slayer, but its Purple, black, and the cloth wrapped around his waist is also black. The skirt he has on is purple, and black. He leans up and his eyes open. They are red. He looks at his servant who is waiting beside his bed. 

 "Lord Demigra, it is time." His servant says. It is a man with black hair that covers half his face. He is wearing a black cloak that covers his clothing underneath. His eyes are purple. Demigra smirks. His fangs are like razors that will shred anything he bites. 

 "I know, its time to get my revenge on that pathetic world for taking my son from me." Demigra says. He smirks again. A teen walks in the room as well. He has purple long hair like Demigra and markings on his face and body. He is wearing a black cloak. His eyes are red. 

 "Hmf Katsu. You ordered Erasteel to train him. She didn't take him away from you." The teen says. Demigra looks at the teen. 

 "So what. I also ordered Erasteel to bring him back, but she wouldn't so I killed her." Demigra says. "Anyways Kano, you shouldn't interfere in this fight. I'll take Youta with me. He is stronger than all the other servants. The servant who is standing beside him nods. 

 "Lord Demigra where are we going?" Youta says. 

 "We're going to the upper grounds called Earth." Demigra says. "If I find Katsu. I'll kill him as well." He makes a sinister laugh. Youta smirks, and Kano also smirks. 

 "The Dark Era is coming soon." The three people say. 


 It has been an hour and there is no sign of Katsu. The guild gets irritated. 

 "Come on Zeref!" Natsu says impatiently. He is getting really irritated. 

 "Calm down Natsu, he'll be here. Zeref told us he will arrive on this day." Lettie says. She tries to coax Natsu. 

 "Come on Katsu!" Yuki says biting her nails. Snowy flies around trying to ease his boredom. 

 "Guys it will be alright, they might just be running late or something." Erza says. "Zeref wouldn't lie now would he?" The guild members seem to not agree with her. "If its about Zeref they never agree." Erza says. She sighs. There is a big explosion. The guild members are alerted. They get ready to fight. "Natsu, Lettie, Marzela, Lucy, Gajeel, Gray, Yuki and Wendy come on!" Erza says. She runs out of the guild with the people she called. Natsu runs along with Erza. 

 "Who knows maybe Katsu and that guy Zeref said would come is already fighting!" Natsu says. Erza nods. 

 "Maybe so, but we have to help if it is." Erza says. 

 "Right!" Yuki says. Snowy and the other exceeds are following them as well. They run down the street and into the forest. The trees seem to block the sun, and the grass is a yellowish color and so are the leaves. They get to where a big crater is in the ground. Erza stops and sees Demigra and another person with Mystogan laying on the ground motionless. 

 "What garbage not even worth fighting." Youta says. 

 "Agreed." Demigra says. He looks back and sees the Fairy Tail wizards. 

 "Mystogan!" Natsu yells. He gets angry. Erza puts her arm out in front of Natsu to prevent him from fighting. 

 "Who are you?" Erza asks sternly. Demigra smirks. 

 "Who am I?" Demigra asks. "I'm the Lord of Dark Mages! Lord Demigra Dragsteel!" Demigra says. He starts laughing and he looks at the Fairy Tail members. "So where is Katsu Dragsteel?" Demigra asks. The Fairy Tail members gasps. 

 "D-Dragsteel?! You mean you're related to Katsu Dragsteel?" Lettie asks. Demigra crosses his arms and he seems to not even care. 

 "I'm his father. His dragon Erasteel protected him from his destiny. He was suppose to be sacrificed unto me, and I would have absorbed his magic Erasteel provided for him." Demigra says. He looks at Erza who is extremely angry. 

 "You wanted to kill your own son just for some magic energy?! What kind of father are you?" Erza asks angrily. "Katsu is a very gentle person. His life means the world to us! No it means everything!" Erza summons a sword and a demon armor. She glares at Demigra with anger. 

 "Katsu is my second child, even if I killed him I would still have my first who will inherit the Lord of Dark Mages after I pass." Demigra says. "Katsu is nothing but dirt to me." Erza gets angry and she runs at Demigra and she slashes her sword right to his head. Demigra doesn't move and he catches her sword with two fingers and he smirks. Natsu gasps. 

 "Wh-what?! No one ever done that against the Titania!" Marzela says. Erza forces the sword to move, but it doesn't budge. 

 "So this is the Titania I recently heard about? I swear all these lies." Demigra says. He shakes his head in disappointment. Natsu dashes with full force at Demigra. 

 "YOU FUCKING BASTARD!!! DON'T LOOK DOWN ON FAIRY TAIL!!!" Natsu yells in anger. Demigra raises his hand toward the fireball-like Natsu. 

 "Gravitational Pull." Demigra says. Natsu's flames extinguish and he comes full force at Demigra. Demigra kicks Natsu in the stomach and Natsu coughs. Lettie gets angry. She runs at Demigra and he throws Erza back into her and they both hit the ground. Demigra smirks. "You have no idea what you're dealing with. I am the Lord Demigra! The Dark Mage of Gravity and Fire Demon Magic! You imbeciles can't win!" Demigra says. He smirks. "You people don't deserve to face off with me. Youta take care of these pathetic weaklings." Demigra walks away. Natsu lays on the ground holding his stomach. Youta steps closer to them. Gajeel walks up to him. 

 "You'll be facing me first!" Gajeel says. He punches his hand. Youta smirks.

 "I'm sorry, but you can't beat me." Youta looks through Gajeel's soul. "Gajeel Redfox." He holds up his fist and a dark mage aura encloses his fist. 

 "You know my name pretty well. I'm about to put those words down your throat!" Gajeel says. He swings his iron fist toward Youta. Youta punches toward Gajeel also with dark magic coming off his hand.   

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