Fairy Tail: A Hero's Legacy

Katsu Dragsteel is a Flame Demon Dragon Slayer who is trying to be the best mage possible. He encounters Erza Scarlet, then his journey at Fairy Tail begins. He faces off with some of the powerful mages such as: Sting Eucliffe, Rogue Cheney, Jellal Ferndenaz, and some new faces in Magnolia. He faces other hard challenges in his way to the top, by exploring ancient ruins, ambushing an enemy guild, and many other things.


18. The Secret is Revealed

 Katsu stands there watching Alisha's movement. Mia looks on Katsu's shoulder and sees a purple fairy mark. 

 "What is that? A tattoo?" Mia says to herself, then she realizes that its a Fairy Tail guild mark. She gasps. "Fairy Tail." 

 "You gonna come at me or what?" Katsu says standing seriously, and ready to fight. 

 "I'm just wanting for you to show me what a true Fairy Tail wizard can do!" Alisha says smirking. Katsu gasps. 

 "What?! How did you-" Katsu looks on his shoulder and sees the purple Fairy Tail guild mark. He looks at Alisha. "Now you're going to pay!" Katsu's body engulfs in neo flames. Alisha smirks. She turns the crimson ball toward Katsu. It brightens up and Katsu closes his eyes and the red light flashes Katsu's body. The red light disappears and Katsu uppercuts Alisha.

 "What?! How?!" Alisha says confused that Katsu isn't blinded. 

 "We figured out how it works. There is no way you can beat us now!" Katsu lights his fist on fire and misses the target and punches the ground. Katsu looks up and Alisha makes a crimson magical blast go his way. Mia blocks it with her wings. Mia gets thrown by the blast and Katsu catches her. "Mia? You okay?" Katsu asks. He lands on his feet. Mia nods. Katsu puts her down and he lights his fists on fire. "Time to finish this!" Katsu says. "Seven Strikes of the Neo Fire Dragon!" Katsu rushes at Alisha and starts punching her. She is off her feet by all of the punches Katsu throws at her. Then he stops and squats down and then uppercuts her with his flaming fist. Alisha's head goes back and she comes off her feet then she falls four feet in front of Katsu. Katsu looks back and Mia doesn't have the wings anymore. She gets up and walks over to Katsu. 

 "So you are part of Fairy Tail?" Mia asks. Katsu nods. 

 "Yeah, I was." Katsu says.

 "So why aren't you at the guild?" Mia asks. 

 "Because something happened, and i'm sure that no one will trust me." Katsu says. 

 "Are you afraid of something or someone?" Mia asks. 

 "I'm not afraid, I just know there isn't any reason to go if they aren't going to believe me." Katsu says. "Now lets get out of this cave." Katsu looks over at the table were the chest was and it was still there. He walks over to the chest and picks it up. "First lets give this back to that man, and then second lets get our cloths." Katsu says. Mia nods and they walk to the entry they came from. They search for the man, but he wasn't in any of the places they went in. Katsu looks over to Mia while walking in the long hallway. "I wonder if he already left." Katsu says. 

 "He probably did." Mia says. They walk down the hall and the man appears coming out of the door. 

 "There he is!" Katsu says. The man looks at Katsu and smiles. 

 "You found the chest. So did you beat the woman?" The man asks. 

 "Yeah, and this was in the room she was in." Katsu says bouncing the chest a little in his arms. The man nods. 

 "I know where she keeps the cloths at. She is a pirate mage who takes prisoners and then steals there cloths to sell and get money." The man says. Katsu nods and gives the man the chest. The man shows them where their cloths are, and they get their cloths back. Katsu only puts his pants on and the one sleeved jacket is wrapped around his waist. 

 "We better find a way outta here." Katsu says. 

 "There is no telling how long we was in this cave, when she did that sleep magic." Mia says. They walk around the cave and they try to find a way out. Mia thought about why Katsu left Fairy Tail, she was lost in thought while Katsu was walking down a hallway. They find a way out of the cave. Katsu stops and smells the fresh air. 

 "We made it out." Katsu says. He looks at the sun and wonder if its morning. Mia walks out and she looks at the sky. 

 "Its so beautiful." Mia says. 

 "I don't know if its a new day or not." Katsu says. They head back to the town and Katsu has on the jacket. They walk to Mia's house and Katsu stops and over hears some people talking about how Erza, Lettie, Natsu, Gray, Marzela, and some girl named Yuki are looking for a person name Katsu Dragsteel. Katsu lowers his head. The thought of how broken Yuki must be and how she might think he is really going to become a dark mage again. A tear drops roll down his cheek. Mia holds Katsu's arm and takes him inside. 

 "Are you alright Katsu?"Mia asks rubbing his arm. Katsu doesn't respond. Mia lays her head on his arm. "If you're in love with someone, then let them go. If they come back, they was yours to begin with." Mia says. 

 "I'm not in love with her. I just didn't want her hurt because of my actions." Katsu says. Mia looks at him. 

 "I'm sure she is hurt, but that's because she loves you. Isn't she like your sister?" Mia says. 

 "Yes." Katsu says. 

 "That's what sisters do. They love their brother no matter what." Mia says. Katsu seems to get better. 


 It is night and Katsu is standing on Mia's balcony looking at the moon. He has a black tank top with white loose boxers. He is thinking about how much the Fairy Tail members must hate him now. He thinks about how much damage he had caused Snowy and Yuki, and how they might feel now that he is gone. Katsu looks downward and closes his eyes. He silently say "Yuki." 


 Meanwhile Yuki is at Fairy Tail sitting at a table with Snowy sitting on the table. She doesn't seem like her normal self anymore since her best friend had left and isn't coming back. Snowy isn't the same either. Basically no one is. Natsu hasn't been trying to start fights with Gray. Gray has been depressed. Juvia is already heartbroken. Gajeel feels sad because it reminds him of himself. Lucy hasn't been going on quests. Mirajane misses baking cookies for Katsu. Laxas misses joking around with him. Lettie and Marzela haven't been down because they barely knew the guy. Elfman misses calling Katsu a man and how manly he was. Erza isn't the same either. Wendy hasn't been around much, she usually spends her time with Romeo to relax her mind from Katsu leaving. Yuki gets up and leaves. She tells Lettie bye and then goes out of the guild. As she walks down the street Snowy flies beside her. 

 "I'm bummed." Snowy says with his era lowered. Yuki looks at the depressed exceed. 

 "I'm more than bummed, i'm just completely broken by the way he left." Yuki says. She sighs, and looks ahead. A man with a hood covering his face is standing by a light pole. He smirks. 

 "I heard your brother left Fairy Tail because they found out his dirty little secret." The hooded man says. A girl is beside him and she walks up. 

 "Its a shame that he left two guilds. Now he has nowhere to call home." The girl says. They walk into the light. Yuki and Snowy gasps in horror. 

 "K-Kasai?!" Yuki says in disbelief. 

 "Gracie?!" Snowy says in disbelief. 

 "That's right." Kasai says. He nods at Gracie and she punches Yuki in the stomach and she passes out. Kasai shoots lighting at Snowy and he goes onto the ground. Kasai walks to Yuki and picks her up and puts her on her shoulder. He begins to walk away toward his guild. "Now he has no choice but to come."

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