Fairy Tail: A Hero's Legacy

Katsu Dragsteel is a Flame Demon Dragon Slayer who is trying to be the best mage possible. He encounters Erza Scarlet, then his journey at Fairy Tail begins. He faces off with some of the powerful mages such as: Sting Eucliffe, Rogue Cheney, Jellal Ferndenaz, and some new faces in Magnolia. He faces other hard challenges in his way to the top, by exploring ancient ruins, ambushing an enemy guild, and many other things.


21. The Return of a Dark Mage

 In a forest not far from The Purple Fang Guild, there is a man with black hair, black eyes, a trench coat that has yellow buttons and a yellow outline of the collar, and a white cloth wrapped around his body and is tied on his shoulder. He is walking in the forest and he senses a powerful surge of demon magic. He looks back and sees a blue ice-like structure coming out of a castle. He wonders what it is, and so he turns around and walks toward the guild. Meanwhile Natsu and the others walk out of the entrance. Marzela is holding Gray by his arm, Natsu is walking with Lettie, Gajeel, Erza, and Juvia are walking behind Katsu. Katsu is holding his stomach and tightly closes his eyes. Yuki is walking beside him and is worried about him. 

 "What's wrong Katsu?" Yuki asks. Katsu looks at her.

 "I'm hungry." Katsu says. Yuki looks dumbfounded.

 "You didn't eat when you came to save me?! You could have got seriously injured if Fairy Tail didn't come to save me!" Yuki says angrily. Katsu looks away in disappointment. Erza walks up to Katsu. 

 "By the way Katsu, are you willing to come back to Fairy Tail?" Erza asks. Everyone stops and looks at Katsu. Wendy walks in front of Katsu. 

 "Yeah are you?" Wendy asks with gleaming eyes. Katsu looks down. 

 "I might. Since I was a dark mage, most of Fairy Tail will shun me." Katsu says. Gajeel walks up to Katsu and puts his hand on his shoulder. 

 "You might not know it, but I once was a dark mage." Gajeel says. He moves his hand off of Katsu's shoulder.

 "You was? I never would have imagined it." Katsu says. Gajeel nods.

 "I was worse than you. I nearly killed Lucy and Natsu, destroyed Fairy Tail, and hurt Levy." Gajeel says. Lucy, Natsu, and Erza both nod. Juvia steps up to Katsu.

 "Including me. I fought Gray, then fell in love with him, and then Marzela took his heart, and so I've been alone ever since." Juvia says. She doesn't have a hat on like she normally does, and she is wearing a blue winter coat, and a blue skirt. 

 "We have had our dark pasts before, and we became good." Gajeel says. Katsu closes his eyes. Gray walks up to Katsu with Marzela holding him up. 

 "Katsu, I done something much worse. I became evil, and betrayed Fairy Tail, and then I fought Natsu, and then became good again." Gray says. "If I can change. Everybody can change." Gray says. Katsu looks at the Fairy Tail members and they all look at him. This moment really touched Katsu's heart. He began to cry, and he wipes away the tears. He looks at Gajeel, Gray, and Juvia. 

 "I'll stay at Fairy Tail." Katsu says. "It's my new home." Katsu started to cry. Everyone hugs Katsu. They begin to walk out of the castle, and Zeref is walking up to them. Natsu gasps and Lettie narrows her eyes at Zeref. 

 "Zeref..." Natsu says. Zeref smiles. 

 "Why are you here?! Are you part of this guild Zeref?!" Lucy asks. Katsu is confused and he watches as everyone gets on guard. 

 "No, not at all. I was just walking in the forest, and I saw an ice-like structure come out of this guild. Was that the power of Gray?" Zeref says. Gray shakes his head. Marzela glares at Zeref. 

 "It was me." Marzela says. Zeref looks at her. 

 "You have a powerful magic. But that's not all. I need the person Katsu Dragsteel." Zeref says. Katsu is shocked. Everyone quickly turns to Katsu. 

 "What do you want with Katsu?!" Natsu asks angrily.

 "I need Katsu. I need him for something important." Zeref says. 

 "We're not giving him up! He is one of us!" Juvia says. She stands in front of Katsu. And then everyone else. Yuki holds his arm. Zeref looks down.

 "If you don't give me Katsu you all will die within three years! I need Katsu!" Zeref yells. His eyes turn red, and everyone is shocked and afraid. 

 "That's not true!" Natsu says. "With Lettie, and Marzela with us, there is no challenge that is greater!" Natsu says. 

 "Me and Lettie can defeat this person in three years!" Marzela says. Zeref looks at everyone. 

 "Even I can't beat him! This is a life or death situation! Katsu is the person that can defeat him! Just give him to me Natsu!" Zeref yells as purple steam comes off him. "If you don't then all of you will die! Lettie and Marzela can't destroy this person!" Zeref says. Lettie and Marzela both look away angry. Zeref gets irritated. 

 "Then you're weak if you can't beat him." Lettie says. Marzela nods. 

 "We got this." Marzela says. Zeref gets more angrier. 

 "I already told you! You can't win! I know this because I've witness his power! He killed many powerful mages, and the only one that can defeat him is Katsu with my training!" Zeref yells at the Fairy Tail group. Katsu walks toward Zeref.

 "Who exactly is this person?" Katsu asks. Zeref looks at Katsu.

 "Demigra." Zeref says. Katsu's complexion goes white. Everyone looks at how Katsu is trembling. 

 "Katsu do you know this person?" Juvia asks. Katsu shakes his head, and looks at everyone.

 "I don't know his name, but Erasteel told me that this guy will destroy the world as we know it." Katsu says. "His nickname is The Eater of Worlds. He has the the magic of gravity, and also black magic. He is the person who killed half of the dragons including Gajeel's, and Wendy's. He nearly killed Erasteel too, but i'm sure she is long dead by now." Katsu looks down. "I must go with Zeref." Yuki runs up to Katsu pushing everyone out of her way. She hugs him tightly. 

 "I can't let you go! You can't just appear on me, then just leave!" Yuki says. Katsu holds her chin in his hands. 

 "Yuki, i'm the only one that can save this world. I must go." Katsu says. Tears run down his cheek, and Yuki buries her face in his chest. 

 "I don't care! I want you here with me! You're the only one who can make me smile, the only one who can make me happy! The only one I truly love!" Yuki yells. She starts crying hard. Katsu holds her head up. And he kisses her cheek. 

 "See you soon." Katsu says. He walks off with Zeref. Yuki falls on her knees. 

 "Katsu..." Yuki says. 


 A few hours later Zeref, and Katsu are walking in the forest to a temple. Katsu walks behind Zeref. 

 "I saw your expression when I told everyone the name, did you know him?" Zeref asks. Katsu looks at Zeref.

 "No, but his name sounds familiar." Katsu says. Zeref stops and he looks back at Katsu and he smiles.

 "Your name is Dragsteel right?" Zeref says.

 "Yeah." Katsu says. Zeref continues to walk. 

 "This boy's potential can even surpass mine, if I train him well." Zeref thought. Katsu walks beside Zeref. 

 "You asked me the question why did you?" Katsu asks. Zeref looks at Katsu. 

 "Because, I needed to know you are the correct Katsu." Zeref says. Katsu looks confused at Zeref. 

 "The correct Katsu?" Katsu asks. "There is only one of me." Katsu says.

 "Incorrect. There are two. Katsu Demifield, and Katsu Dragsteel." Zeref says. "Demifield is another powerful dark mage, but he is dead." Zeref looks at Katsu. "Plus he doesn't look like you, he is much different." Zeref looks forward. 

 "Well I learned something new." Katsu says smiling. Zeref stops, and they are at a temple. It is dark blue with stairs leading to an entry. Zeref looks back at Katsu. 

 "This is where you'll train with me. It will take up three of those years we have until you can be strong enough to defeat Demigra." Zeref says. 

 "Three years to train huh? That will make me very strong." Katsu says. Zeref nods. They walk into the temple. It isn't broken into ruins or even scratched. They walk down a long hallway with lots of statues, and ancient pictures. Zeref walks up a stairway going to the top of the temple. They get to the top and the area is huge. It has barriers to keep people from falling. It has four statues of dragons each one has a nameplate on it. Igneel, Lady Darnese, Acnologia, and Erasteel. Igneel is on one corner, Acnologia is on one corner, Lady Darnese is on one corner, and Erasteel is on one corner. 

 "I know you must know all these dragons right?" Zeref asks. Katsu nods. 

 "One of them is mine, Lettie's, and Natsu's. Igneel is Natsu's. Lady Darnese is Lettie's, and mine is Erasteel." Katsu says. He looks at each dragon. 

 "You forgot one." Zeref says. Katsu looks at Zeref. 

 "Acnologia isn't anyone's dragon." Katsu says. 

 "Incorrect. Acnologia is my dragon. He didn't teach me my magic, but he does follow me. We went our separate ways when he was going to kill Natsu." Zeref says.

 "But aren't you and Natsu enemies?" Katsu asks. Zeref shakes his head. 

 "He is a close friend of mine." Zeref says. Zeref doesn't want Katsu to know the truth so he lied.

 "Oh." Katsu says. He looks at the Erasteel statue.

 "By the way, do you know where we are?" Zeref asks. Katsu looks back at Zeref.

 "The Temple of the Dragons." Katsu says.

 "Yes." Zeref says. "This will be your training ground. You won't leave here until you are strong enough to fight Demigra." Zeref says. He holds out his hand and faces it toward Katsu. "You must learn how to defend yourself." He summons a demon from under the ground. Katsu gets ready to fight. "You'll be practicing with these demons, and then you'll get to the harder part of your training." Katsu nods, and he attacks the demon. He punches it across the face, and it steps back. It attacks Katsu, and he dodges it. 


 Back at Yuki's Inn, Yuki is sitting on her bed looking at an old picture book of her, Katsu, Snowy, and her mother Katana. She sees a picture of when Katsu was seven and she was eight. They was sitting at a table eating Ramen noodles. Yuki smiles, because Katsu had that annoyed look. She flips the page and it shows a picture of her, Katsu, and Katana sitting on the couch back at Yuki's old home before it was burned down. She keeps flipping through the pictures. A knock is at her door. She puts the book down and she walks to the door. She opens it and Erza is standing in the doorway. She has on her normal armor. 

 "I wanted to know If you're still down with Katsu leaving." Erza says. Yuki nods. 

 "I wish it was later, instead of sooner." Yuki says. 

 "Maybe it was for the best." Erza says. Yuki nods. 

 "But it isn't right. Zeref shouldn't have took Katsu. He should have trained harder." Yuki says. Erza nods. 

 "Zeref is powerful, but if Zeref couldn't defeat a mage, then it must be strong." Erza says. 

 "Maybe." Yuki says.

 "Do you want to talk somewhere else?" Erza asks. Yuki nods. They are walking down the street. Erza looks over to Yuki. "I wanted you to know that the entire Fairy Tail guild misses Katsu more than before now." Erza says. 

 "Yeah I know. Natsu was talking about if Zeref hurts Katsu in any way, that he will kill him, and he isn't going to let Happy stop him." Yuki says. 

 "Natsu loves Katsu like his brother. Lucy wants to go on jobs with Katsu again. Juvia wants to get to know him, and Wendy wants him to be back in Fairy Tail." Erza says. Yuki looks at Erza.

 "What do you want Katsu to do?" Yuki asks. Erza smiles. 

 "I want Katsu to become an S-Class wizard, and join me on requests." Erza says. Yuki smiles. 

 "That's wonderful." Yuki says. Erza looks at Yuki. 

 "Do you have magic?" Erza asks. Yuki shakes her head. 

 "No, but I want to some so badly." Yuki says. Erza smiles. 

 "I'll see if I can get a magic book on re-equip." Erza says. "It's a magic I know, so it will be easier to teach you it." Yuki lights up in excitement.

 "Really?! That'd be great!" Yuki says. She hugs Erza. "Thank you Erza." Yuki says. 

 "You're welcome." Erza says. 

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