Fairy Tail: A Hero's Legacy

Katsu Dragsteel is a Flame Demon Dragon Slayer who is trying to be the best mage possible. He encounters Erza Scarlet, then his journey at Fairy Tail begins. He faces off with some of the powerful mages such as: Sting Eucliffe, Rogue Cheney, Jellal Ferndenaz, and some new faces in Magnolia. He faces other hard challenges in his way to the top, by exploring ancient ruins, ambushing an enemy guild, and many other things.


24. The Fight For Katsu

 Gajeel goes for a right punch to Youta. Youta dodges it and he counters with a left punch. Gajeel coughs, and Youta elbows him in the back of the neck. Gajeel hits the ground and he gets up. Youta smirks. 

 "The Iron Dragon Slayer will fall before me." Youta says. His hair flows in the wind. Gajeel makes his arm turn into a metal sword. 

 "I don't know who, or what you are, but i'm about to slice you up into little pieces of flesh." Gajeel says. Youta smirks. 

 "If you say so." Youta says. His body disappears with darkness. He appears in front of Gajeel and Gajeel gasps. Youta kicks him into the tree behind Gajeel and then Youta runs toward Gajeel. Gajeel looks up and Youta punches Gajeel with the amount of force to break him through the tree. Gajeel tumbles on the ground and then he recovers himself and he flips in the air and lands on his feet. Gajeel spreads his legs and gets ready to fight.

 "Gajeel isn't looking so good right now." Panther Lilly says. He is worried about his friend Gajeel. 

 "Don't worry, Gajeel will win." Happy says. He pats Lilly on the back. Lilly looks back at Happy and he smiles. 

 "Yeah, Gajeel is tough." Natsu says. He holds his stomach from when Demigra kicked him. Yuki clenches her hands and is also worried, but she isn't worried more about Gajeel's battle, she is worried about Katsu. 

 "Katsu." Yuki says quietly. Snowy knew she was worried about Katsu. Its been three years and that's all she thought about was him. Gajeel clenches his fists and he glares at Youta. 

 "Alright then. Iron Fist of the Iron Dragon!" Gajeel says. His entire arm turns into a metal arm. His knuckles are like brass-knuckles. He runs at Youta and he goes to punch him. Youta catches it and Gajeel looks shocked. 

 "The fuck?" Natsu asks in confusion. "He caught the punch. Youta pulls Gajeel's fist lower and he knees Gajeel under his chin, and then Youta roundhouse kicks Gajeel. Gajeel spins around. Youta grabs Gajeel's head and he slams his head into the ground. 

 "Eat dirt you Dragon Slayer!" Youta says. He holds up Gajeel. Gajeel's face is scarred up. Youta drops Gajeel and he kicks him in the back. Gajeel falls forward and he lands on the ground. Gajeel gets up and he looks back at Youta. He has blood coming from his left eye, and his lip is busted. He has scars on his cheeks and chin. 

 "Its time I end this." Gajeel says. "Iron!" Gajeel inhales air into his mouth. Youta smirks. 

 "Now its just got interesting." Youta says. He crosses his arms. 

 "Dragon!" He puts his hands around his mouth making a funnel for his breath attack to come out. "Roar!" A huge wind with shard metal shards come at Youta from Gajeel's mouth. Youta smirks and holds one hand out. 

 "Darkness Eclipse!" Youta says. A void appears in his palm and as the Iron Dragon Roar comes at him it goes into his hand and Gajeel looks shocked. 

 "H-he absorbed the magic?" Erza asks in disbelief. 

 "And now to end you with you own attack, but its going to hurt you more than you think." Youta says he smirks and he holds his hand to Gajeel. "Iron Darkness Dragon Roar!" A huge dark aura of pieces of dark razor sharp shards come out of Youta's hand and it goes toward Gajeel. The Fairy Tail members watch in shock. The Iron Darkness Dragon Roar consumes Gajeel and everything behind him. The attack dissolves and Gajeel is laying on the ground with his cloths torn and sharp shards in his body with blood on the ground. Gajeel seems to be dead. 

 "Gajeel!" Panther Lilly yells. Tears come from his eyes. Youta smirks and he crosses his arms and he closes his eyes. 

 "Still not a threat to me. The Iron Dragon Slayer has fallen, and the other three will fall as well. Yuki opens her eyes and looks at the battlefield. She sees that some trees have been torn down and that the huge trench that Gajeel Redfox lies in. She sees how bloody Gajeel looks. She gasps and she starts to tear up. 

 "No, this is some sort of nightmare!" Yuki says. She holds Snowy close to her. She lays her head on top of Snowy's head. "Katsu! We need you!" Yuki yells. Snowy looks sad as well. He knows that if Katsu doesn't come, the Fairy Tail members will die. 


 Katsu is walking toward the explosion he saw an hour ago. Zeref is following him. Katsu is wearing a black jacket with purple skulls on the shoulders. His pants are black, and his shoes are also black. Katsu hears a faint scream that is far away. He stops. 

 "It looks like someone is in trouble." Zeref says. "He might already arrived." Zeref looks at Katsu. Katsu is staring into the sky, and he looks at Zeref. 

 "It must be, because this magic energy I feel can't be Natsu's, Marzela's, or Lettie's. It feels evil anyway." Katsu says. He gasps. "I felt a magic energy suddenly decreased as well. So someone must have died or they are out of magic energy." Katsu looks forward. "I still feel the intense dark energy. It is very strong. Stronger than I've ever felt." Zeref nods. 

 "This is Demigra's magic energy you feel. I also sense one more, but that one must be his assistant." Zeref says. Katsu nods. They proceed into the forest to the location. 


 Back at the battlefield Youta is standing with his arms crossed and Demigra is sitting on a stump looking bored. Demigra looks up.

 "Where is Katsu anyway?" Demigra asks. Yuki looks toward Demigra. 

 "He went somewhere. He hasn't been back yet." Yuki says. Demigra smirks. 

 "He probably died. That weakling." Demigra says. Yuki holds Snowy. 

 "Katsu will return! He won't ever turn his back on Fairy Tail!" Natsu says. "Katsu wouldn't hurt his friends, or ever treat them badly. I'm glad when little kids say they wanted to be a Neo Fire Dragon Slayer like Katsu Dragsteel. The kids love him. He is a role model to almost every kid in Magnolia." Natsu says. He holds his stomach and he has tears coming from his eyes. Lettie watches as Natsu's emotions flow. 

 "Neo Fire Dragon Slayer? There is no such thing. You meant Flame Demon Dragon Slayer. That's the correct name for it." Demigra says. 

 "I don't care about the name! Katsu is our brother! We'll fight for him, like we fight for everyone! Fight for Katsu!" Natsu raises one fist into the air and the rest of the Fairy Tail members do also. 

 "Fight for Katsu!" Every guild member says. Yuki looks at Demigra and she starts to smile. 

 "Katsu isn't alone. With his friends, he can't lose." Yuki says. Snowy smiles. 

 "Katsu WILL return. And when he does, this Demigra guy will eat the dirt." Snowy says. Yuki smiles at Snowy. Demigra closes his eyes and smirks. 

 "You fools are so dumb." Demigra says. He stands up. "Katsu will lose, and I will become the god of this world." Demigra makes a wicked laugh. "I will become god and no one can stop me!" Demigra says. Marzela and Lettie step in front of the guild members. 

 "You might be stronger than us, but that doesn't mean we'll give up." Lettie says. Marzela nods. They hold hands and they point it to Demigra. "Unison Raid: Flaming Icy Roar!" A huge icy-like and fire-like blast goes at Demigra. He takes one hand and he clenches his fist and he punches the blast. 

 "Darkness Gravity Burst!" A dark aura consumes the blast and it explodes making shards of dark glass-like substance go toward Marzela and Lettie. One shard stabs into Lettie's leg and she holds it. Then another shard stabs her in her shoulder and she steps back. Marzela gets stabbed in the arm, stomach, and leg. Blood runs down where the shards are located. Demigra smirks. "Like Gajeel's body it will consume all of your magic energy and soon explode making you nothing but air. Lettie takes the shards out and she is heavily breathing. Marzela does the same. They both fall to their knees. 

 "Dammit, those shards took a lot of magic energy." Lettie says. She coughs. Marzela nods. 

 "Dammit where is the purple breath at?" Marzela asks herself. Lettie smiles. 

 "He will be here. He can't just do this to us." Lettie says. Gray and Natsu walk toward Demigra and Youta. 

 "In the name of Fairy Tail! We're going to kick your ass!" Natsu says. There is a hole in his jacket, and his stomach is bruised badly. Gray takes off his shirt and he prepares for an Ice Make attack. Natsu lights both his fists on fire, and he looks ready to pound a face in. 

 "You are one second away from a beat down!" Gray says. He glares at Demigra. Youta stands beside Demigra. 

 "You two are great wizards that took down Mard Geer, but he was far weaker than us." Youta says. 

 "That's right. Just like Acnologia I am a half human, half dragon! Now feel my wrath!" Demigra says. Demigra and Youta both dash towards Gray and Natsu. Gray unleashes his Ice Demon Slayer magic, and he goes to fight them. Natsu jumps in the air and he too charges at them. Demigra dodges Natsu's attack and he grabs Natsu's hair and slams his face into the ground. Gray goes after Youta. Youta dodges Gray's Ice Make lance, and he makes a Darkness Spike trap under Gray. He smirks and he raises upwards and it hits Gray. It stabs his shoulder and his leg. It explodes and sends Gray into a bunch of trees. 

 "Gray!" Natsu says. He gets up and his entire body turns on fire. "Bullhorn of the Fire Dragon!" Natsu dashes towards Demigra with fire boasting his speed. Demigra catches Natsu's head and he throws him backwards onto the ground. 

 "Darkness Gravity Push!" A force pushes Natsu's head into the ground and it makes a crater. Natsu lays in the crater without moving. Demigra smirks. "Four Dragon Slayers down. Only two to go." Demigra looks at Wendy. "First the Sky Dragon Slayer then the Flame Demon Dragon Slayer." Demigra says. Wendy holds Carla. 

 "He defeated Natsu with one move." Wendy says. Natsu slowly gets up. 

 "H-hey gravity guy. I'm not through with you yet." Natsu says. His body is cut up and bruises are everywhere. Natsu has blood coming from his forehead and his lip. He smiles. Demigra looks behind him and sees that Natsu is very weakened. Demigra raises his hand and he sighs. 

 "Don't even try to keep fighting." Demigra says. "Gravitational Pull!" A force pulls Natsu toward Demigra and he punches Natsu in the stomach, and Natsu coughs out blood. Demigra then grabs Natsu's hair and he slams Natsu's head into the ground. A hole is made in the ground, but not nearly as big as the others. Natsu is motionless. Youta comes back with a motionless Gray on his shoulder. He puts Gray beside Natsu. "It seems as if your strongest members are defeated. They will soon die from their injuries." Demigra says. Lucy covers her mouth and starts to cry. Erza grits her teeth. 

 "There are us four left!" Erza says. Yuki nods. She puts down Snowy and she walks beside Erza. Lucy and Wendy walk beside them as well. 

 "Lets do this!" Erza asks. 

 "You know what time it is?" Yuki asks. Snowy nods. "Its clobbering time!" Yuki yells. Erza summons a sword, and Yuki summons an axe. Lucy summons Taurus, and Wendy turns into Dragon Force. All four of them get ready to fight. Erza, and Yuki both run at Demigra. Wendy and Lucy both run at Youta. 

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