Fairy Tail: A Hero's Legacy

Katsu Dragsteel is a Flame Demon Dragon Slayer who is trying to be the best mage possible. He encounters Erza Scarlet, then his journey at Fairy Tail begins. He faces off with some of the powerful mages such as: Sting Eucliffe, Rogue Cheney, Jellal Ferndenaz, and some new faces in Magnolia. He faces other hard challenges in his way to the top, by exploring ancient ruins, ambushing an enemy guild, and many other things.


17. The Black Devil

 Katsu and Mia are walking down a path of gravel. There a no trees, but some mountains and there is a few spots of grass. Mia reads the map carefully, and Katsu is looking for the signs. They come across a sign and it's the right one. 

 "Turn here." Katsu says pointing to the sign. Mia looks up and sees the correct sign. She follows Katsu and reads the map again. Katsu walks down the path and then he stops. He sniffs the air. "Something isn't right." Katsu says. Mia looks up and she puts away the map in her shirt. Katsu looks around the area and he sees nothing. Mia gets ready to fight if something attacks them. Katsu sniffs the air again and the scent is gone. "That's not right." Katsu says trying to figure out what he smelt. 

 "Maybe you smelt something that passed behind us. Maybe it was a rabbit or a small animal." Mia says. Katsu nods. 

 "Maybe so." Katsu says. They continue walking. They get to a cave-like place, and they stop. Katsu looks at the sign and it says Banki Cove. 

 "Well we are here." Mia says. Katsu nods. He lights his fist on fire and walks in Mia walks behind him. There are a few things laying around in the cave, but they are broken. A wagon wheel is laying on a rock. It looks old and fragile. Katsu walks pass it and Mia looks around the area. "Everything here is broken." Mia says. 

 "Yeah, it's maybe some pirate mages or something." Katsu says. Mia looks at him.

 "Pirate mages? I never heard of them before." Mia says. She looks at the walls and they have scratch marks on them. Katsu brightens up the flame on his fist. 

 "Yeah, they are pirates that are mages. They rob and kill defenseless people." Katsu says. Mia looks at Katsu. 

 "You know a lot about different types of mages." Mia says. 

 "Yeah, my dragon Erasteel taught me about them." Katsu says.

 "Erasteel is your dragon?" Mia asks. Katsu nods. 

 "She was my mother." Katsu says. Mia smiles. 

 "She knew a lot didn't she?" Mia says. 

 "Yeah she did." Katsu says. He hears some voices up ahead. He gets behind a bolder and looks ahead. Mia gets behind him and looks over his shoulder. "Stay back. There are some people up ahead." Katsu says. He sees a woman in a black out fit with dark grey outlines. She has a white helm with black horns coming out of the sides. Her eyes are red. She is tall and is holding a sword. It seems as if a crimson ball on the helm is holding magical elements inside. Katsu lights his fist on fire. "You ready Mia?" Katsu asks. Mia turns her arm into a bear's. 

 "Ready." Mia says. Katsu jumps over the bolder and runs at the woman. She turns toward them and she swings the sword. Katsu lucky dodged the attack, if he didn't he would have been cut in two. Mia hits her with her bear arm and she steps back. She tightly grips her sword and swings it at Mia. Mia ducks and she misses the attack. Katsu jumps over Mia and punches the tall woman in the face and she steps back more. 

 "You little runts!" The tall woman says. "You're underestimating my power! I am Alisha the Black Devil!" Alisha says.

 "The Black Devil? That sounds retarded. Why couldn't you come up with a better name?" Katsu asks. Alisha gets angry and throws the sword at him. Katsu dodges it, and then he makes his fist light on fire and he runs at Alisha. Mia follows in behind him. Alisha smirks. She moves her head toward them and the crimson ball on the helm lights up. 

 "Crimson Flash!" Alisha says. A bright crimson light blares in their eyes blinding them. Katsu holds his eyes and Mia shakes her head trying to get her sight back. Alisha clothslines them and then slam them on the ground. Katsu and Mia got back up but Alisha punches them both in the stomach and they both fall on their knees. 

 "What the hell?" Katsu asks himself. "My strength is fading." Katsu says. 

 "Mine is too. I feel weak." Mia says. Her arm turns to normal. Mia falls on the ground and she is unconscious. Katsu tries to fight his eyelids but he too soon falls unconscious. Alisha smirks.

 "It's called Crimson Flash, it makes you feel weaker and also causes you to fall unconscious. Alisha says. She picks them up and puts them on her shoulders. She walks to a area in the cave. 


 Later Katsu wakes up. He has cuffs on and he is chained with Mia behind him. He looks behind him and sees that Mia isn't awake yet. Katsu doesn't feel like he has anything on so he looks down and is shocked.

 "That bitch took my cloths too!? What kind of crazy bitch is this?!" Katsu asks himself in shock. Mia soon wakes up and she notices she has no cloths. 

 "Uh, where are my cloths?" Mia asks with worry.

 "She took mine too." Katsu says. Mia blushes when she hears his voice.

 "Well Katsu at least you have boxers on. I just have a bra and panties. And they aren't mine." Mia says.

 "That woman is going to pay! She took my scarf and my cloths Yuki gave me!" Katsu yells.

 "Yuki? Is that your girlfriend?" Mia asks looking over her shoulder. 

 "No, she is my sister. Well not really, but we act like siblings." Katsu says.

 "Oh, so have you seen her lately?" Mia asks. 

 "I saw her yesterday." Katsu says. He lowers his head. Mia stands him and Katsu does too. 

 "Okay we got to figure out how to get out of here." Mia says. Katsu lights a flame on his index finger.

 "I'll burn this." Katsu says. He puts his finger on the metal cuffs and it melts. Then he breaks it off. Mia makes her free hand into a bear's hand and she tears it off. Katsu goes to the jail bars and looks outwards. "There is a guard. We'll have to get out of here and face him." Katsu says. 

 "Okay, i'll distract him while you knock him out." Mia says. Katsu nods. He hides in the shadows to where it is dark. Mia calls for the guard. The guard walks down to her cell. Katsu gets ready to knock the guard out. "This bra is too tight, can you get me another one?" Mia says moving her breasts. The guard tries not to get distracted by her moving her breasts, but he falls for it. 

 "Y-yes ma'am." The guard stutters. Mia calls him again and he turns around. Mia is a neko and the guard goes to her and Katsu grabs his cuffs on his belt loop and he makes fire shoot out of his hand and it hits the guard in the face. The guard falls on the ground. Mia grabs the key from the guard's pocket. She unlocks the door. 

 "That was easy." Katsu says. 

 "Men always fall for women's breasts." Mia says teasing Katsu. 

 "I don't get distracted by breasts so that's not going to work." Katsu says looking at Mia who is trying to get Katsu to blush. They run pass a cell, and a man calls out to them. Katsu backs up and a man with blonde hair and white boxers on stands at the bars of the cell. 

 "My mother must by worried! You have to get me out. I was on a quest and this woman made a crimson light blind me and my strength faded and I woke up in here." The man says. 

 "So you're the old lady's son." Katsu says. "We'll get you out." Katsu walks to the cell, he unlocks the cell and opens the door. The man walks out of the cell. 

 "Thank you for saving me. I must get the chest back from her and get rewarded for the quest." The man says. Katsu smiles. 

 "Good luck, but we'll deal with the lady." Katsu says. The man runs off. 

 "Alisha will pay for making me wear this tight bra." Mia says angrily. 

 "Well ya don't say." Katsu says. 


 Later they go into a room with a throne and Alisha sitting on it. She has her sword by her throne and she is drinking some glass of wine. Katsu lights his fist on fire, and Mia turns into a neko. She glares at Alisha. Alisha gets up and starts to walk toward a table with a chest on it. She opens it up and starts to count the gold. 

 "Okay this is how we will get her. I'll grab one arm and you'll grab the other." Katsu says. Mia nods. They rush in and each grab her arm. Alisha is caught off guard and she looks at them both. 

 "How did you two get out?!" Alisha asks shockingly. 

 "I'm a Dragon Slayer and she is a Transformation Mage you do the math." Katsu says. She smirks. Katsu nods his head at Mia and they both knee her in the stomach and Alisha coughs. Katsu punches her in the face and she steps back. Katsu backs up and Mia does too. 

 "Remember, try to block that crimson light." Mia says. Katsu nods. Alisha grabs her sword and glares at them. 

 "You will find that I am not the person to mess with!" Alisha says. She runs at them with her sword. Mia almost got hit with the sword, but Katsu tackled her. Alisha hits a bolder and the sword is stuck. Katsu looks at Mia and she is blushing hard. Katsu looks at his hand and it is on her breast. He quickly moves it and he gets up. Katsu looks at Alisha. She gets her sword unstuck and she looks at Katsu and Mia. Mia gets up. Katsu lights his fist on fire. Katsu and Alisha stare into each others eyes ready to fight again.

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