Fairy Tail: A Hero's Legacy

Katsu Dragsteel is a Flame Demon Dragon Slayer who is trying to be the best mage possible. He encounters Erza Scarlet, then his journey at Fairy Tail begins. He faces off with some of the powerful mages such as: Sting Eucliffe, Rogue Cheney, Jellal Ferndenaz, and some new faces in Magnolia. He faces other hard challenges in his way to the top, by exploring ancient ruins, ambushing an enemy guild, and many other things.


2. First Quest

  Katsu and Erza arrive at the guild, and as usual its chaotic. Snowy hides in Katsu's jacket. Erza sighs. 

  "This always happens when i'm not here." Erza says, then she turns her attention toward the chaotic guild. She raises her right hand then a spear is summoned and she slams it on the ground, getting everyone's attention. "Now listen up! We have a new guild member who is joining the guild. His name is Katsu Dragsteel, and his exceed is Snowy." Erza says loud enough for the entire guild to hear. Katsu just slightly waves. Snowy peeks his head out and most of the guild aw's. Snowy gets his body out and climbs to Katsu's shoulder. The guild just talks normally. Erza turns her head toward Katsu. "For your first quest you'll maybe have to find a partner to complete it. Not that I think you're weak, just so you'd know what to expect on a quest by yourself." Erza says. 

  "Okay, that sounds fair." Katsu says. He winks and smiles. "You're ready to find a partner Snowy?" Katsu asks his buddy. 

  "I guess so." Snowy says. Katsu rubs his friends head and then he walks to a table where a guy with long black hair with metal bolts as eyebrows and wearing a red and white headband. His vest is brown with a tan outline. There is a girl sitting next to him who is small, with blue hair, and a orange dress. 

  "Erza told me to find a partner for a quest, can either one of you guide me on the quest?" Katsu asks. Gajeel looks at Katsu and shakes his head. 

  "We're in the middle of something important kid, find someone else." Gajeel says. Levy looks at Gajeel with narrow eyes. 

  "Excuse my friend here, but i'm not a fighting type mage, but he is and he doesn't like some people." Levy says. "Maybe ask some others around." She smiles and Katsu walks toward a man and a woman who are talking. 

  "Excuse me, but I need a partner on my first quest, so can either of you be kind to help me?" Katsu asks. The man with no shirt looks at Katsu, while the girl with blue long hair crosses her arms. 

  "Well, me and Juvia was going on a quest together, so maybe next time." Gray says. Katsu nods. He walks toward a guy with pink hair and a girl with blonde hair. The guy with pink hair is wearing a one sleeved jacket and a white scarf and has black lines making squares. His pants are white that are knee cap length. The blonde hair girl has a blue vest with a yellow outline, and a blue shirt covering her cleavage. Natsu looks at Katsu, so does Lucy.

  "Erza told me to find at least one partner to help me on my first quest." Katsu says. Natsu smiles. 

  "I'm sure I can help you. For your first quest it might be hard doing it alone so i'll help." Natsu says. 

  "I'll help you too." Lucy says. Katsu smiles and Snowy pokes his head out and looks at Natsu. Natsu notices Snowy's head. 

  "Is that an exceed?" Natsu asks. Katsu nods. 

  "His name is Snowy. He is a bit of afraid of new surroundings." Katsu says. Katsu pats Snowy's head and smiles at him. "You'll get use to it want ya." Snowy smiles at Katsu and nods. 


  Katsu grabs a quest that says to eliminate the monster in the central tower of the Evergreen Forest. Katsu, Natsu, and Lucy go to the Evergreen Forest. Katsu looks at the tower and then something rumbles in the tower and it busts out and attacks them. Katsu dodges the attack. 

  "Whoa! That's a huge thing!" Katsu says in amazement at the monster's size. Natsu and Lucy don't seem amazed or even show a sign of weakness. They look positive about this. 

  "Trust me Katsu, this isn't nothing." Natsu says. He looks determined. 

  "Just follow our lead and you'll do well." Lucy says getting out her keys. She summons Gemini the twins. Katsu looks at the monster who is looking at them. 

  "Okay all I got to do is follow their lead" Katsu says to himself. That should be easy. Natsu dashes toward the monster and Gemini runs together at the monster. Katsu then runs at the monster and he attacks it with his purple flames. Natsu dodges an attack and Katsu attacks it with a flaming slash. The monster takes a few steps back. 

  "You're doing good Katsu!" Natsu yells from his position. Lucy nods, and she takes out her whip and she attacks the monster. The monster dodges it and then sends Lucy flying which makes Natsu off guard. "Lucy!" Natsu yells. Natsu runs to catch Lucy. The monster tries to catch Natsu, but Katsu punches it in the face with a flaming fist. 

  "I'm your opponent now." Katsu says. He smirks. "Guess what time it is?" The monster goes to attack him, and Katsu dodges it. "Its clobbering time!" Katsu says lighting his fist on fire. "Neo Fire Dragon Iron Fist!" Katsu punches the monster with a lot of force to send it backwards and it falls down unconscious. Katsu lands on the ground and then snaps his fingers. "Quest complete!" Katsu says. Natsu, and Lucy walk toward Katsu. 

  "Good job Katsu!" Natsu says. "You done well on your first quest." Natsu smiles. They head back to the guild. Mirajane walks over to Katsu. 

  "You haven't gotten your guild mark have you?" Mirajane says. She has white hair and sparkling blue eyes, her dress is black. 

  "No, am I suppose to get one?" Katsu asks. Mirajane chuckles and nods. Katsu feels embarrassed. 

  "Here, what color?" Mirajane asks.

  "Purple." Katsu says. 

  "Okay, and where?" Mirajane asks. 

  "Hmmm on my left shoulder." Katsu says taking off his jacket revealing a black sleeveless shirt. Mirajane stamps the symbol on his shoulder. 

  "That's it. Now you're a full member of Fairy Tail." Mirajane says cheerfully. She walks away. Erza walks up to Katsu holding a beautiful rose. 

  "I remember you wanted to buy a rose to decorate your room, when we first met. So here I bought it for you." Erza says smiling and handing him the rose. Katsu takes the rose and he smells the wonderful sent of the rose. Erza sits down at the table. 

  "Natsu and Lucy told me that you done well on your first quest. You're not a S-Class mage, so you can't do any of the higher paid quests." Erza says. 

  "S-Class? What does that mean?" Katsu asks. 

  "It means you're one of our best mages, so you can choose any quest you want." Erza says. 

  "So I have to work my way up to become a S-Class mage." Katsu says. 

  "That's if you want to. Some people just like the temporarily payment on the quests." Erza says. "But it would be good for our guild to have all Dragon Slayers on our S-Class team." Erza gets up, and she waves Katsu goodbye, and he waves back to her goodbye. 

  "Well Snowy. If we're going to be the best mage possible we have to become S-Class mages!" Katsu says smiling. Snowy didn't hear a thing he said because he was asleep on the table. Katsu pets his friends head, and tells him goodnight. Katsu asks Makarov if he could sleep somewhere in the guild and he agrees that he could. Katsu takes Snowy to their room for the night and Katsu falls asleep with Snowy on his belly sleeping.

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